July Rules quiz

Hi Ladies:

It’s quiz time again……….enjoy!

  1. All ground or water within the margin of a water hazard is part of the hazard?

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True, Definition of Water Hazard

Find where the red stakes or the red lines outline the hazard margins.
If the red lines or stakes are in front of the rocks or grass around the water then the rocks and grass are in the hazard. If you want to try, you may hit from the rocks or grass inside the hazard without a penalty stroke, but you cannot ground your club or adjust any rocks to make a footing for your stance.

  1. A player may not stand out of bounds to play a ball that lies in bounds?

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False).

You CAN stand ob to hit a ball that is in bounds, see Definition of Out of Bounds.

  1. In stroke play a player’s ball is up against an out of bounds fence. They want to take free relief under Rule 24 Obstructions and play the ball. Can they?

a) Yes
b) No

Answer: b) No

OB stakes are NOT obstructions so there is no free relief. You may use Rule 28, Unplayable lie to get relief, and take a one stroke penalty, but if not you have to play the ball where it lies

  1. You rotate your ball on the putting green to line up the trademark or line on the ball with your intended line of putt to the hole. You didn’t lift it, change its position or mark its position. What is the ruling?

a) No penalty.
b) Two stroke penalty
c) One stroke penalty

Answer c) A one stroke penalty for touching the ball on the putting green without its position being marked.

Under Rules 16-1b and 20-1 a ball on the putting green may be lifted, touched or rotated after its position has been marked.

  1. In stroke play a player marks and lifts their ball on the green. As they walk away they accidentally step on their marker and move it. What is the ruling?

a) No penalty
b) One stroke penalty
c) Two stroke penalty

Answer: b) One stroke penalty. Decision 20-1/5.5.

The ball must be placed as near as possible to its original position.

I hope you got them all correct and this helps you.



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