Recent Rules happenings


Here are a few items about the Rules that have come up recently. Thank you so much for your ideas.

When you have to “drop” a ball under a Rule, for example because you went into the water, or because you are in Ground under Repair, you cannot re drop your ball if you don’t like where your ball ended up. The only time you can is if the ball lands closer to the hole. So, be careful where you drop as…………. it is where it is!

Your ball lands in “Ground under Repair’. You do NOT have to pick up your ball and take relief and drop it out of the area unless you WANT to.

If your feet, or the area of your intended swing are in the Ground under Repair but your ball is not, you have the same options as if you ball were in the Ground under Repair.
You can take relief if you want to, or not.

These two following items are about…. “Think before you pick up and drop”

If you decide to pick up your ball to take free relief as allowed under a Rule, for example if your ball is on a cart path, THINK FIRST, and then think again. You may find that where you are about to drop will put you under a tree, in a terrible lie or in a worse position. Do not pick up your ball until you are sure. Once you lift it your ball you cannot replace it
without incurring a one stroke penalty for lifting your ball in play. That free relief just turned into a penalty stroke.

When you consider using Rule 28 for an Unplayable Lie, think carefully about your options.

If you use option b) as far back as you like in line with pin and where ball lies, or c) within two club lengths no closer to the hole, be very sure of where that will put you.
You could end up in a similar or even worse lie.

Remember the best option might be a), to play a ball from where you made your last stroke. Get the most from your one stroke penalty…..

When your ball goes into a water hazard and you are not sure where to drop the answer is…..Decide where the ball LAST crossed the hazard. Maybe it bounced from land to rocks, to rocks to land, and finally……… into the water, but where did it LAST cross the hazard? Find that place, see if the markers are red or yellow, and then use one of the allowed options under Rule 26.

If you make a stroke at your ball and your ball hits you, you incur a one stroke penalty. If it hits a tree and ricochets backwards and hits you, or bounces off a rock and hits you, or bounces off a yardage marker and hits you, ouch, sadly you play the ball where it lies, take the bruises and the penalty. The bruising is just not enough punishment.

I hope this helps you.


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