March Rules quiz, Match play.


Team play is coming up very soon so this month’s Rules quiz is about Match play. Go TEAMS!

I have attached a copy of the quiz and also included it below as some of you have difficulties opening some docs.


March Rules Quiz

Match Play

Your opponent concedes you a short putt in Match play. Instead of picking up your ball you casually slap it toward the hole and miss the putt. According to the Rules you should:
A. Count your score with the conceded putt even though you struck the ball afterwards.
B. Forget the concession and continue to putt out.
C. Penalize yourself one stroke and replay the ball from the original position of the conceded putt.

ANSWER: A. The conceded putt is good. Under Rule 2-4 in Match play, a concession may not be declined or withdrawn. In other words, once a stroke is conceded, it doesn’t matter what the player does afterwards.

In Match play the player who is the furthest out should play first. If your opponent plays out of turn what may you do?

A. Give them a one stroke penalty.

B. Give them a loss of hole penalty.

C. Recall their shot before anyone else has made a shot, or let their shot stand.

ANSWER: C. It is your decision whether to recall their shot or let it stand, but you must do this immediately before any more strokes are made. There is no penalty, Rule 10-1c. (Remember ladies that in some team play systems “Ready golf” IS allowed so check before you play!)

In Stroke play if you play from outside the teeing ground you incur a two stroke penalty and must then play from within the teeing ground. If you do this in Match play what is the penalty?

A. A one stroke penalty.

B. Loss of hole.

C. No penalty.

ANSWER: C. No penalty. Your opponent may ask you to replay your shot from within the teeing ground, or they have the option to let your shot stand without any penalty. If you replay your shot your first shot is canceled. Rule 11-4a.

In Stroke pay if you are unsure of a Rule or procedure you are allowed to play a second ball under Rule 3-3. What are you allowed to do in Match play?

A. You can play a second ball under Rule 3-3

B. You have to make the decision of how to play the one ball.

ANSWER: B. You have to try and resolve the issue with your opponent without delay. If you cannot agree then, before you tee off at the next hole, or if it is the last hole, before all players leave the putting green, you must tell your opponent that at you will ask the Committee for a ruling before you sign your score card. Rule 2-5.

I hope this helps you,


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