Kay Love’s Story Part II (Hilary)

As play day is cancelled again I thought you all might have time to read the next episode of Kay Love’s story. Enjoy.

Hi Ladies here we are back in the Fairway room. Eddy had just finished explaining to Kay how to control her adrenaline addiction so she was really ready for another drink! .

HOW KAY LOVE SAW THE LIGHT(or met her golf guru)…….PART II

“That’s a great story Kay Love, is that it? What happened next?’ I asked. “Next, next? Let me think Hilary…….

Oh yes Eddy got me another glass of the Pinot Noir which I really needed. We relaxed a while neither of us saying anything. I was trying to get that Zen stuff into my brain. I was about to thank him and leave when he stopped me by saying, “So you get the Zen stuff eh but you know you have more problems than that Missus, don’t you?” I was pretty offended.

How did this scraggly guy know what problems I had? How presumptuous of him. “Okay Eddy tell me what you’re getting at, I’d be surprised if you know me that well.” I was sure he’d back off, but he was a persistent little guy.

He started on his third beer and continued. “So Lady how many golf Pros you been to? What’s the latest fix for your swing?” Funny he mentioned that I thought as I had just paid for a series of 6 lessons with the new Pro in San Ramon. I eagerly replied, “My new golf Pro is getting me to work on my right shoulder dip. He said my turn is all wrong and I have to change it if I want to play better golf.”

“You’re chasing that perfect swing” exclaimed Eddy with a wry grin. “I knew it. Don’t feel too bad lady, didn’t mean to offend you. Please, before you get up to leave, let me explain what I meant.”

Offend me? Yes, I was really upset. How dare he attack me that way but I decided to hear him out.

“Not all golf teaching Pros are equal. You need to find a teacher who takes the time to understand YOUR swing and then helps you fine tune it. If you are already playing fairly decent golf and a teacher tells you to tear down your swing and start over, then FIND ANOTHER TEACHER! It doesn’t mean your swing stinks, it just means it’s not HIS swing and he doesn’t know how to teach a different one.”

“I know what you mean.” I replied. “My game always gets worse after lessons and the Pros always say it’s because I am changing my swing and it will get better. Sometimes it does, but often I think it only does because I go back to my old swing.”

“Now you’re not offended eh? Eddy asked. I felt bad as he looked so concerned that he’d upset me. “I’m fine you just hit a nerve. I am always trying to fix my swing with books, magazines, lessons and all. Please go on and tell me more.”

With a relieved look on his face Eddy took a large gulp of his beer and continued.

“If you have a swing flaw a good teacher can find a way to work around this tendency and not revamp your swing. A golfer may drop his right shoulder too much and a Pro wanting to change it could really mess them up. Maybe dropping that shoulder was okay for the way that player swings. I saw a player whose swing plane was off but he was very comfortable swinging that way. I suggested he just slow down his hands at impact and it straightened out his fade. All swings are different and yours might be the one that is right for you. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

“I never thought of it that way Eddy. Every time I have a swing problem I find a Pro to help me fix it and they change it. I must have changed my swing seven times in the past two years.”

“Forget all of that Missus. When you think of trying a new Pro don’t expect that the Golf God’s been keeping a secret and he now chooses this guy to reveal it to you. From what I saw of your swing dropping your shoulder isn’t a big flaw. Maybe that’s how you get back to impact so well. For sure you don’t need a swing change. Find a teacher who will understand your swing and fine tune it. I think you’ve just been looking for your swing (love) in all the wrong places.”

“Like the song eh Eddy?” I laughed in reply.

“All I’m sayin’ Missus is the next time you hear you need a swing change, run for the hills.”

Eddy got up from the table and said, “Want another drink?………………………………..to be continued


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