Welcome New Members


We have three wonderful new members who have joined us as of March 1st.  Please welcome them when you get a chance and add their information to your rosters.  They are:

Sue Gallo (Chuck)

Sue has played at Discovery Bay many times including on guest days and in our invitational.  I had the pleasure of playing with her yesterday on her first play day and she is lovely and fun, just like all the rest of us.  She will be a wonderful member of our club.

Cathy Pellegrini (Ron)

Most of you know Cathy who has been a member here for many years, as a 9 holer, bocci ball player and all around fun social animal!  We finally talked her into moving over to join us and she also played on her first play day yesterday.

Kelly Koster Vik (Leo)

Kelly is the daughter of Carl Koster, traveled with her husband Leo last month to the Cabo San Lucas golf trip, and also has a home here is Discovery Bay.  She didn’t make it yesterday to her first eligible play day, but I for one look forward to having her with us as she is absolutely delightful and fun.


P.S.  I have deleted addresses and phone numbers because this is an open site. GW


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