Final answer in Golf “Rules survey”


I first want to thank all those who took part in my Rules survey; it helped me have more insight for my future Rules quizzes. I hope I have answered all your questions.

Drum roll please……..Here is the final “Survey says” question. So that there is no misunderstanding this time I will be giving Rules/Decisions references.

The infamous hole #12. Question #3

What may you do if your ball lands on the bridge that crosses the water hazard mid-way across the fairway on hole #12?

The bridge itself is an Obstruction which is IN the water hazard, and as such is covered by Rule/Decision13-4/30. However the bridge is not “ground in the hazard” so:

You may hit your ball as it lies on the bridge, and ground your club. There is no penalty if you do this.

If you do not want to hit your ball from the bridge, and as the bridge is IN the water hazard, you may take relief, under penalty of one stroke, under Rule26-1, Water hazards.

The stakes defining the water across the fairway are yellow, but the stakes lining the bridge are red defining a lateral hazard, as many bridges on courses are, so you may:

Drop a ball within two club lengths of the bridge on the grass.

Hit a ball from where you hit before.

Drop a ball as far back as you like in line with you ball and the pin.

If you ball is on the bridge, but rests in the pilings, you have the same options.

Below I have pasted a link to an excellent article which explains this “Ball on bridge over a water hazard situation”.

That’s it for the Survey.


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