It’s too hot for long rounds of golf…..

Ladies I know you have heard me talk about slow play many, many times but with the weather heating up we certainly do not want rounds of over 41/2 hours.
Please take the time, yet again, to read the tips below. Your fellow competitors will thank you.

Watch your ball until it stops
After every shot – especially from the tee – keep an eye on your ball until it comes to rest, and get a clear sight onto a marker or reference point near it – a tree, bush, mound…anything. If there is even the slightest chance that it could be lost, play a provisional ball.
If it’s lost, it’s lost.I realize that your ball wasn’t cheap, and it might be your favorite one, but when your five minutes is up, it’s up. Declare it lost and move on.

Be prepared
When on the green, in the fairway, or anywhere else, get prepared for your shot while riding or walking to your ball. If you are ready before your fellow competitors play ready golf, and remember not too many practice swings!

On the green.
Slow play is very, very common on the green.
Line up your putt while others are putting then step up, take a practice stroke and putt!
When it’s your turn you should be immediately ready to hit your own ball.
Continuous putting speeds up play, marking and unmarking take extra time.

Cart Management.
Each member of your group should go directly to their ball. Avoid traveling from one ball to the other. When sharing a cart, drop off one player and then proceed to your own ball while she does her pre-shot routine and hits, play ready golf!

Take Multiple Clubs
If you need to leave your cart away from where your ball is positioned, take a couple of clubs with you. This will save you from having to go back and forth in case of indecision.

Always think ahead
As you approach the green, determine where the next tee is, and then park your cart between the hole and the next tee. That way, when you are done with the hole, you can clear the green quickly. And for heaven’s sake, don’t loiter around the green discussing the scores — record your scores at the next tee!

Hold that club
When playing in a cart, do not put your club back in the bag until you arrive at your ball for your next shot, or when leaving the green, at the next teeing ground. This can save a significant amount of time over the course of a round.

Don’t Wait
If your group has fallen behind for whatever reason, the first 2 players to putt out should immediately head over to the next tee and tee off.
This saves time, and can really help you catch up. Filling in score cards for the previous hole can be done as the last 2 players are preparing to tee off.

Watch the groups around you
If the group in front of you is more than one shot ahead (i.e. if they are on the green of a par-4 before you even tee off) you need to speed it up. Unless the game you are playing stipulates you must hole out and you’ve taken more than 8, 9, 10 strokes, pick up

Thank you all!



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