Beat the Pro – Results

The good news, all but 7 ladies beat the pro’s gross score of 79, however, Jon announced that ALL the ladies that placed a bet would win. Congratulations everyone and thank you Jon and Peter for a fun day.

Results of our net game follow. Please note that Sandy Smith, Jan Baehr, and Joanne Leete all had net scores in the 60’s, wow! Congratulations to you ladies. Kelly Vik hurt her ankle on her 16th hole but continued to play, and she had a net score of 70. Carolyn Barnes hurt her ankle last week on her 16th hole and also continued to play. Carolyn joined us for lunch yesterday and told us she actually broke her ankle. We have some tough ladies on our roster….but lets all be careful and get better quick ladies. Thank you Frances and Gay for coming in early to help me with check in.

First Flight
1st Place Sandy Smith, Net 65 winning $7.50 (awesome round Sandy, congrats!)
2nd Place Jan Baehr, Net 68 winning $5.50
3rd Place Kelly Vik, Net 70 winning $3.67

Second Flight
1st Place Joanne Leete Net 69, winning $7.50
T-2nd Sonja Welin, Net 74, winning $4.59
T-2nd Joanne Smith Net 74, winning $4.58

Third Flight
T- 1st Donna Johnson, Net 72 Winning $6.50
T-1st Doris Bunnell, Net 72 Winning $6.49
3 rd Grace Berend, Net 75 winning $3.67

Two chip ins, each worth $12.50
Bonnie Ladd, hole 18
Chris Myall, hole 12

CTP each worth $3.00
0-27 Handicap
Hole 2 Kelly Vik 16′
Hole 7 Kelly Vik 7′
Hole 14 Cindy Renshaw 35′ 8″
Hole 17 Cindy Renshaw 11′ 4″
28-36 Handicap
Hole 2 Doris Bunnell 6′ 7″
Hole 7 Nonie Greenfield 47′ 8 1/2 ”
Hole 17 Joanne Smith 9′ 2 1/2″

Thank you for playing. Next week is guest day and Dana is running the show. Please be sure you enter your non-DBGCC guests GHIN number on fore tees under the notes section.



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