Ok or NOT OK Rules quiz


Here is our first Rules quiz for 2016.

7 questions for an OK or Not OK answer…..

A player in a stroke play event asks a fellow-competitor the distance from the teeing ground to clear a fairway bunker.

OK: Distances to objects are public information (Decision 8-1/2)

A player, while waiting to play a stroke in the fairway, chips a ball back and forth with their partner.

Not-OK: A player cannot practice on course during a round (other than between holes as specified) – two stroke penalty (Rule 7-2)

A player while waiting to play a stroke in the fairway does some “housekeeping”, replacing some divots including one on his line of play but not near his ball.

Not-OK: Player improved their line of play (Rule 13-2 and Decision 13-2/6)
Two stroke penalty.

A player’s ball is on a hillside, as the player approaches they see their ball roll down the hill and out of bounds. The player retrieves ball, replaces it on the original spot and plays from there.

Not-OK: Ball was out of bounds – This is most likely to be called a serious breach in stroke play as the player may have gained a significant advantage from playing from a wrong place. The penalty is disqualification.
If your ball goes out of bounds at any time take a one stroke penalty and play from where the previous stroke was made. (Rule 27-1b and Rule 20-7)

A player’s ball “might” be in a water hazard. The player drops a ball on their best estimate of the line from the hole and where they think it “might “have crossed the hazard. They play the dropped ball and hole out.

Not-OK: The Committee must determine if this a serious breach as it was not virtually certain ball is in water hazard. By playing from the wrong place in this situation the player could incur a three stroke penalty or be disqualified.
(Decision 26-1/3.7 and /4)

While a ball is in motion after a stroke, a player moves another player’s club to prevent the ball from striking the club.

OK: Equipment may be moved while ball is in motion (Rule 24-1)

A player takes relief from a lateral water hazard. They drop a ball which lands outside the allowed two club-length area but the ball rolls into the allowed two club-length area. The player plays the dropped ball.

Not-OK: Player incurs a two stroke penalty for breach of Rule 26-1. The ball must first strike course where prescribed by the Rule (Rules 20-2b, 20-6, 20-7 and 26-1c). If you drop in a wrong place, and do not play that ball, you can pick up your ball and re-drop it in the correct place without penalty, Rule 20-6.

I hope this helps you.


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