Today’s Results

Hello ladies,

What a great day we had, except for the wind this morning.

Today was PPLN (Putts, Points and Low Net day.

We had 37 ladies come out to play.

Sue Gallo #7
Dana Wardstrom #11 and #17

We only had 1 Chip-In and it was worth a pot of gold of 38.00

Dana Wardstrom #9

Closest to the PIn Each worth $5.00

Hole #2
Jeanne Zweamer 4′

Hole #7
Sue Gallo 3′ 1″ and Brenda Reisinger 19′ 8″

Hole #14
Dana Wardstrom 13′ 7″ and Sonja Welin 19′ 1″

Hole #17
Dana Wardstrom 6′ 11″ and Kris Rogers 28′ 6″

We had three flights

Flight 1
1st Place – Dana Wardstrom with a score of 67 $7.00
2nd/3rd Place – Jenny Dillon and Shelly Morgan with a score of 74 $6.00 each

Flight 2
1st Place – Sonja Welin with a score of 75 $7.50
2nd/3rd Place – Raquel Myers and Fe Estera with a score of 77 $6.00 each

Flight 3
1st Place – Charlene Kleiner with a score of 70 $7.50
2nd Place – Sally Sturney with a score of 80 $6.50
3rd Place – Cam Donald with a score of 81 $5.50

Susan Leeper – with a score of 66 $8.00

Dana Wardstrom with 29 putts. BUT I announced Brenda Reisinger with 29 putts (Because I can’t win twice) so I gave her the Low Putts and myself the 1st place in the first flight. But then Brenda emailed me and said she thinks I made a mistake, SO I re-checked and she was right and I was wrong, SO rather than change the winners in the first flight I am just awarding the low putts to the next lady with the lowest putts.

SO the winner is Frances Shipilov with 31 Putts. $8.00 (but I will remove you from winning the Flist Flight winnings)

Overall Low Gross Winner
Dana Wardstrom with a score of 79

Sorry for the error.

See you next week when you come to Clean your Garden.



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