A golf quiz for you!

Ladies, no golf today eh? So lots of time for a golf quiz…..enjoy!

Q. Maria’s ball is on the apron between the green and a bunker. Her fellow-competitor then plays from the bunker and deposits sand on and around Maria’s ball. Is Maria entitled to any relief?

A. Yes. Maria is entitled to the lie and line of play she had when her ball originally came to rest. Accordingly, in equity (Rule 1-4), she is entitled to remove the sand deposited by her fellow competitor’s stroke, and also lift her ball and clean it, without penalty.

Q. Susie drops her ball to take relief from a cart path, the ball is no longer on the cart path but her stance is on the cart path. Is Susie’s ball properly in play ?

A. No, Rule 20-2 c (v). Susie’s dropped ball must be re-dropped, without penalty, if it rolls to and comes to rest in a position where there is interference by the condition from which relief was taken. The penalty would be two strokes or loss of hole if the ball was not re-dropped prior to stroke.

Q. Miranda hits a great 7 iron to the green but it accidentally hits a slow walking goose and the ball lands in the bunker. Can she replace her ball where it hit the goose?

A. Sadly no, it is the rub of the green, (or goose), and Miranda must play her ball where it lies, in the bunker. Rule 19-1.

Q. Beth putts her ball and it hits the flagstick which is lying on the ground. Is she penalized?

A. Yes, a two stroke penalty. Rule 17-3. A player’s ball must not strike the flagstick when removed, held up or attended.

(The exception to this is if the flagstick had been removed, held up, or attended during a stroke or while the ball is in motion, without the player’s authority. If in doubt do not have the flagstick attended, or have the flagstick moved well out of the line of your next stroke.)

Q. Ellen his her ball out of the bunker and accidentally strikes the ball twice. Is there a penalty?

A. Unfortunately there is a penalty for being a klutz. Ellen must count her stroke and add one penalty stroke, Rule 14-4.

Q. Vanessa found her ball touching the course side of a white line indicating Out of Bounds. Does she have to take a stroke and distance penalty?

A. No, a ball is not out of bounds unless ALL of the ball is out of bounds. See Definition of Out of Bounds. Vanessa’s ball was not, so she may continue play without penalty.

I hope you got all these questions right, and this helps you.



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