Hole #12 ice plants

Ladies I am sure you read yesterday Barbara’s minutes from this month’s Advisory Board meeting
where the ice plants behind the green on hole #12 were discussed. I quote:

  • “A question was raised about the procedure if your ball goes in the ice plant behind #12. As this is infrequent, no special consideration needs to be given.”

This was one of the 18 holers concerns that I addressed last year. I have copied my answer below in case there is still confusion.

What should you do if your shot from the fairway flies over the green and you think your ball may have landed in the ice plants behind the green?

This area is not Out of Bounds.

As you do not know the exact place where your ball has landed, and you think it “may” be lost, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HIT A PROVISIONAL BALL FROM WHERE YOU LAST HIT. (Always tell your playing companions this is what you are doing.)

If you find your original ball and it is PLAYABLE, pick up your Provisional ball and play on. No penalty.

If you cannot find your original ball after a five minute search, then it is LOST, play your Provisional ball and take a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

If you decide to search for your ball, and not hit a provisional ball, this is what you do.

If you find your ball in the ice plants, and it is impossible for you to play it without altering your area of intended swing by moving the ice plants, or unnecessarily pressing them down when you take your stance then you may declare your ball UNPLAYABLE.

You incur a ONE STROKE PENALTY and your options for 3 are:

Return to where you last hit and put another ball in play.

If your ball is visible and IF, AND ONLY IF when you measure your ball’s distance from the cart path a measurement of two club lengths* would make your ball touch the path, you may drop the ball at your nearest point of relief on the path, and then take your nearest point of relief from the path onto the grass but no closer to the hole.

(To speed up play you can just find the nearest point of relief on the grass and drop your ball there, no closer to the hole.)

*Please note that if your ball is further back in the ice plants than two club lengths from the path you will have to take multiple drops and multiple one stroke penalties until you ball is on the cart path, not worth it!

The third option for the Unplayable Rule is not possible because, to go back as far as you like in line with the pin would just put you further and further back into the ice plants and you’d have to drop your ball back in the plants.

I hope this helps you.



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