August Rules Quiz

August Rules Quiz 

  1. A player’s ball lies in a hazard when any part of it touches the hazard?

True or false?

  1. It is permitted to eliminate an irregularity on the surface of the teeing ground?

True or false?

  1. There is no requirement for a player to put an identification mark on their ball?

True or false?

  1. A ball is not “Out of Bounds” unless all of the ball lies out of bounds?

True or false?

  1. A player who starts a round with 13 clubs may add one more club at any time?

True or false?

  1. How many club lengths behind the tee markers may a player tee their ball and still be within the teeing ground?







  1. TRUE
  2. TRUE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE a player may add clubs up to the permitted total of 14 as long as the pace of play is not affected
  6. TWO CLUB LENGTHS, the teeing ground is defined as “a rectangular area 2 club lengths in depth defined by the outside limits of the two tee markers”.



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