Winter BINGO Sisters Day – November 26, 2019

We closed the 2019 season with our Sister’s Play Day and a round of Winter Bingo.  We had 15 ladies come out to play, including two Breakers (thank you Rose and Sandy for joining us).  It was cold and we just beat the rain by about 45 minutes.  By the time lunch was over, it was coming down.

Here are the results:

First Flight: 

1st Place:  Jeanne Zwemer, 4 bingos, $9.00

2nd Place:  Terry Billingham, 2 bingos, $6.00

Second Flight:

1st Place Tied:  Doris Bunnell & Kris Rogers, 4 bingos, $7.50 ea

Closest to the Pin:  $4.25 each

Hole #2

First Flight:  Cindy Aafedt, 17’

Second Flight:  Kris Rogers, 26’9”

Hole #14

First Flight:  Cindy Aafedt, 19’5”

Second Flight:  None

Chip-In:  Doris Bunnell, Hole #6, $14

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Look forward to seeing you at the Holiday Luncheon on December 7th.  Invitations are in the Pro Shop.  RSVP by November 30th.






Turkey Shoot – Play Day November 19, 2019

We had 22 play in our annual Turkey Shoot where everyone wins – at least a $5 gift card.  Flags were planted when total strokes taken matched par plus handicap and flag planting started on Hole 16.  It was a killer day for Sondi as she finished 18 and flew on down Hole 1, the only one who shot under par + handicap.

Overall Winner:  Sondi Schnee $25 gift card Flight

0-28 Winner:  Sandy Smith (1 over par plus handicap), $15 gift card.

Flight 29-36 Winner:  Doris Bunnell (in hole 18 on her last stroke, par plus handicap), $15 gift card.

Chip Ins – $7 ea

Joanne Smith on 11

Sondi Schnee on 6

Lisa Ferrante on 4

Closest to the Pin $3.50 ea

Hcps 0-28

Hole 2 – Lisa Ferrante 14’11”

Hole 14 – Sandy Smith 24’

Hole 17 – Jill Chase 13’8”

Hcps 29-36

Hole 2 – Deborah Veatch 18’5”

Hole 14 – Kris Rogers 24’3”


Brenda Reisinger on 7

Lisa Ferrante on 3

Thanks for playing and see you next week for our last play day of the year.  It’s a combo Sisters Day with the Breakers (they can’t play Thursday) and Guest Day.

Double If – Playday November 5,2019

Here are the results to todays game “Double If”.

First Flight:
1st place – Cindy Aafedt  net 57 $8.00
2nd place – Lisa Ferrante net 59  $6.00

Second Flight:
1st place – Deborah Veatch net 55 $8.00
2nd place – Jeanne Zwemer net 56  $6.00

Third Flight:
Brenda Reisinger net 54  $8.00
Joanne Smith net 55  $6.00

Lisa Ferrante – holes 2,4,9,10
Cindy Aafedt holes 5,8,15
Jill Chase #17
Sandy Mize #14
Lin Lenson #11

Chip-Ins: $5.00 each
Lisa Ferrante #4
Jill Chase #17
Brenda Reisinger #1& #11
Sherry Boyd #6

Closest to the Pin: $5.00 each
Hole #2  Cathy Fancey 14′ 2″
Hole #7  Kathy Readler 25′
Hole #14  Cindy Aafedt 4′ 2″

Hole #2 Sondi Schnee 19′ 4.5″
Hole #14 Sandy Mize 3′ 5″

Thanks for your participation.  See you next Tuesday November 12th for PPLN – check in from 8:00 am to 8:30 am.

Jill & Deborah

Rules Updates from our Rules Chair Hilary Frigillana

Here are links to two informative explanations on  things we encounter during the course of play.   One is in regards to good old Hole 12 and “the bridge over troubled water” and the other an explanation of the penalties involved (or not) when you cause your ball to move unintentionally.    Both are explained very well – thank you, Hilary, for keeping us informed!

Points, Putts and Low Net Playday October 8, 2019

We had 16 ladies play PPLN today.  Here are the results:

Low Putts: 28 – Terry Billingham $8

Low Net: 73 – Susan Leeper $8 (tie with Jeanne Zwemer, broken on the last 6 holes of the back nine)

1st Flight Hcps to 27

73 – Jeanne Zwemer $5

76 – Cindy Renshaw & Jenny Dillon $1.50 each

2nd Flight Hcps over 28

79 – Anne O’Prey $5

80 – Sally Sturney & Kay Gschwend $1.50 each

Closest to the Pins: $4.25 each

Hole 7:

Susan Leeper 4’1”

Hole 17:

Cathy Fancey 19’2” & Kris Rogers 9’4”

Chip Ins:  $5.25 each

Jenny Dillon Holes 15 & 18

Cindy Renshaw Hole 5

Terry Billingham Hole 5


Jenny Dillon Holes 2 & 17

Jeanne Zwemer Hole 2

Terry Billingham Hole 5

Thanks to all for playing!

Donna, Bonnie & Sandy




Two Best Balls – Playday September 24, 2019

We had a great turnout today with 28 players.  The weather cooperated, and with our make your own foursome signup, you probably played with friends.

The game was 2 best ball out of the foursome.  We had several threesomes, so used a blind draw for the fourth.  Donna used a program to choose the blind draw, and the blind draw was a goodie – Frances Shipilov.  Frances had some great holes today.

1st Place – 129:  $9.50 each for Peggy Schuitemaker, Sandy Mize, Nonie Greenfield & Julie Hanson.

2nd Place – 130:  $6 each for Joanne Smith, Mary Watkins & Mary Teschner.

Closest to the Pins – $4.25 each:

Handicaps up to 27:

Hole 2-Annette Krey 3’

Hole 7-Annette Krey 21’1”

Hole 14-Sandy Smith 34’9”

Handicaps 28-36:

Hole 2-Kris Rogers 53’5”

Hole 7-Brenda Reisinger 3’4”

Hole 14-Susan Leeper 4’

Chip in $28

Bonnie Ladd on Hole 10.


Susan Leeper on Hole 14; Annette Krey Holes 2 & 15.

Thanks for playing!

Bonnie, Doris and Donna


Even Holes – Playday September 10, 2019

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.  Here are the results of our game which was EVEN HOLES.

 First Flight:

1st Place, Jill Chase,score of 39, winning $6.66 in sweeps.

2nd Place, Lisa Ferrante, score of 39.5, winning $4.00.

 Second Flight:

1st Place, Joanne Leete, score of 35.5, winning $6.67

Tied 2nd, Jan Baehr and Cathy Fancey, score of 37.5, each winning $2.00

 Third Flight:

1st Place, Doris Bunnell, score of 35, winning $6.67

2nd Place, Kris Rogers, score of 37, winning $4.00

 Chip ins: each worth $8.00

Jeanne Zwemer, hole 7

Joanne Leete, hole 18

 CTP, each worth $5.25

Hole 2, Mary Watkins, 31′ 6″

Hole 17, Jill Chase, 3′ 4″

Hole 17, Kris Rogers, 10′ 11″

 As a reminder, there will not be a play day next week because we are sponsoring a Central Valley Team play event.  

 Congratulations to all our winners.  

 Cathy and Sally

Mean Team – Playday August 27, 2019

We had 26 members come out to play and 5 guests.  It was a lovely day and the I received several positive comments on “Mean Team” game.

Here are the results:

3rd Place Team (Score 76.75)  ($3.33 ea)

Sondi Schnee

Mary Watkins

Peggie Schuitemaker

Tammy Slabaugh (Sleeve of balls)

2nd Place Team (Score 75) ($4.50 ea)

Brenda Reisinger

Frances Shipilov

Jeanne Zwemer

Sandy Smith

1st Place Team (Score 73.5) ($6.00 ea)

Annette Krey

Cindy Aafedt

Becky Frazier

Lin Lenson


Hole #2

Becky Frazier 8’1”

Charlene Kleiner 70’ ½”

Hole #7

Stacey Moro 3’3”

Charlene Kleiner 23’

Hole #14

Cindy Aafedt 6’5”

Tammy Slabaugh 15’ 7”


Stacey Moro #7

Becky Frazier #8, 11

Cindy Aafedt #14

Chip-in  ($29)

Frances Shipilov #13

Wine and Roses – 2019 Invitational Results



Gross Winners, Cindy Aafedt, Rebecca Reese, Diana McInnis, Shelly Morgan (137)

1st place – Lisa Ferrante, Alicia Sinclair, Nora Rooney, Annie Sammis (110)

2nd placeBecky Frazier, Darlene Martel, Carol Bade, Cristy Schnauffer ((112)

3rd place – Cathy Houston, Caren Brendel, Cindy Renshaw, Mary Jo Knudsen (116)

4th place – Jill Chase, Jessica Ringer, Dana Wardstrom , Tracy Lape (117)


1st place –  Mary Watkins, Donna Ybarra, Cheree Mendonsa, Lani Maloney (107)

 2nd place – Donna Grover, Bridget Albosta, Julie Hanson, Jewell Stoddard (109)

3rd place –  Deborah Martin, Cathy Greenfield, Judy Kinnebrew, Cheryl Panziera (110)

4th place –  Jeanne Zwemer, Gay Wold, Sandy Smith, Debbie Kelley (113)


1st place –  Sandy Mize, Peggie Schuitemaker, Lisa Bates, Kathy Ulibarri (109)

2nd place –  Adrian Goodman, Mary Vinciguerra, Melanie Griffith, Julie Conway (113)

3rd place –  Lisa Cope, Pat Gilbreath, June VonRotz, Vicki Brandt (115)

4th place –  Charlene Kleiner, Conchita Christensen, Debbie Ruiz, Susan Leeper (1115)


1st place –  Mary Teschner, Linda Beatty, Valarie Stewart, Terry Foley (115)

2nd place –  Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Linda Barbara, Sue Rivera (116)

3rd place –  Kay Gschwend, Maryann Hansen, Linda Humbert-Jardin, Sue Youngblood (123)

4th place –  Sondi Schnee, Pamela Musselman, Marie Verza, Christine Williams ( 126)

Beat the Pros – Playday August 20, 2019

The Pros were tough today.  According to Phil, they had three birdies and five bogies for a gross score of 73.

The following ladies Beat the Pros and will double their bet;

Terry Billingham –  net 70

Jill Chase – net 71

Frances Shipilov – net 72

Sandy Smith – net 72

Jeanne Zwemer  –  net 72

Closest to the Pin $5.00 each

0-25 handicap
Hole #7 – Jill Chase 7′ 3″

Hole #17 – Sandy Smith 32′ 1″

26-36 handicap

Hole #7 – None

Hole #17 – Deborah Veatch – 34′ 5″

Chip-In $2.50 each

Sandy Smith #4

Terry Billingham #15

Sally Sturney #18

Brenda Reisinger #10 & #14

Deborah Veatch #15


Jill Chase #7

Terry Billingham #11

Brenda Reisinger #14

FYI – Hole number 16 had a temporary green.  Phil will be making any necessary changes to the score cards to post par plus pops (posting only).

Lastly, please make sure if you have signed up to play and can’t make it, do your best to contact the tournament committee individual running the play day or the Pro-Shop.  I was not able to make changes to the foursomes (score cards already handed out) and I ended up with a twosome due to two “no-shows”.

Thank you,

Jill and Kathy