Turkey Shoot – Play Day November 19, 2019

We had 22 play in our annual Turkey Shoot where everyone wins – at least a $5 gift card.  Flags were planted when total strokes taken matched par plus handicap and flag planting started on Hole 16.  It was a killer day for Sondi as she finished 18 and flew on down Hole 1, the only one who shot under par + handicap.

Overall Winner:  Sondi Schnee $25 gift card Flight

0-28 Winner:  Sandy Smith (1 over par plus handicap), $15 gift card.

Flight 29-36 Winner:  Doris Bunnell (in hole 18 on her last stroke, par plus handicap), $15 gift card.

Chip Ins – $7 ea

Joanne Smith on 11

Sondi Schnee on 6

Lisa Ferrante on 4

Closest to the Pin $3.50 ea

Hcps 0-28

Hole 2 – Lisa Ferrante 14’11”

Hole 14 – Sandy Smith 24’

Hole 17 – Jill Chase 13’8”

Hcps 29-36

Hole 2 – Deborah Veatch 18’5”

Hole 14 – Kris Rogers 24’3”


Brenda Reisinger on 7

Lisa Ferrante on 3

Thanks for playing and see you next week for our last play day of the year.  It’s a combo Sisters Day with the Breakers (they can’t play Thursday) and Guest Day.


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