2019 Golf Rules Update from our Rules Chair

Below is a link to an excellent video on the 20 most important Rules changes for 2019. If you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to e mail me and ask. 

 Pace of play has ben a driving factor for many of these changes so hopefully play days may have shorter rounds for you all.  There is a new Local Rule in 2019 for “Out of Bounds and Lost ball” that the NGGA is highly recommending to be instituted at Clubs where pace of play is a serious problem.

The NCGA itself will be using this Local Rule in some of its tournaments next year.  HOWEVER,  it is up to each club to decide if they want to implement its use for play.  Our Tournament Committee, Bonnie Ladd and Donna Grover, will be looking into this for us.  It however should not be used in Club Championship play.  I have pasted a link below to this also.

Remember, any questions, just ask!

 20 New Rules


New Local Rule, OB Lost Ball




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