Rules Quiz April 2023

  1.  Your ball lands in a tree and you can see it but cannot reach it.   What, under the Rules, may you do?
  2. When may you call your ball unplayable?
  3. What are your allowed to do if you accidentally damage your club during a round of golf?
  4. In a competition do you have to put your current handicap on your scorecard?
  5. If you have correctly taken a drop under a Rule and your ball is at rest, but then due to natural causes it rolls into another area of the course before you get to play your ball what are you allowed to do?
  6. Your ball lands in an Abnormal Ground Condition, Ground under repair, are you allowed to play your ball as it lies?


  1. As long as you can positively identify that it is your ball lodged in the tree you are allowed to take an Unplayable lie.  You may drop a ball at a place on the ground exactly underneath where your ball lies.  You incur a 1 stroke penalty. Rule 19
  2. A player may call their ball Unplayable anywhere on the course, it is the sole discretion of the player. Rule 19
  3. Beginning January 2023 if your club is damaged during a round, except in the case of abuse, (a bad temper, or deliberate damage) you may replace the club or continue to use it. Rule 4.1a(2)
  4. In Stroke play you are not required to put your handicap on your scorecard and if you return your scorecard in a competition with an incorrect handicap there is no penalty.  It is, since January 2023, the Committee’s responsibility. Rule 3.3b(4)
  5.  Replace your ball, there is no penalty, even if your ball rolled into a penalty area or Out of bounds . Rule 9.3
  6. Yes you may play your ball as it lies or take free relief.  Rule 16.1 However, if the Committee decided that this area is a “No Play zone” you must take free relief. 

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