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Updated 4/21 Minutes Posted

See attached for posting as Minutes from our “Virtual” General Meeting 4/21.
General Meeting Minutes 4/21/20. These have also been posted on our website (right-side panel).

Bonnie wrote –

In addition, the September General Meeting Minutes need correcting. We voted to change Noni to Nonie. As discussed, below are additional things I noticed (all formatting and spelling) while you’re at it:

5. Team Play – Annette

Blackhawk is one word not Black Hawk

8. Old Business needs to be alphabetized properly: b. for Rebranding & c. for Joint Events

Under Joint Events correct fore tees to ForeTees

9. New Business

a. By Laws update – Capitalize Invitational and Invitational Chair

d. Correct Noni to Nonie in two places


Golf Quiz

Ladies, it is a sign of these terrible times when a golf quiz pops into your email box and it is the highlight of your day!

Enjoy, stay safe, and this too shall pass…….


true false quiz.docx

Golf Rules

Hi Ladies:

No quiz this time just something for you to read to pass the time before you go out into your backyards on Sunday for your Easter egg hunt. I hope the Easter bunny knows to wear a mask……..



One or two stroke penalty.docx

Ladies Golf update

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy. We don’t know yet when we will be back to playing golf but as far as our schedule goes, whenever we resume our normal Tuesday play days, we will pick up the schedule from that point forward. That means that anything we’ve missed in March/April will NOT be rescheduled. So the Spring Tournament is cancelled for 2020. If you already put a check in the drawer it will be shredded once I can get to them.

It has yet to be decided how play will resume at Discovery Bay. it is possible that for the first month we will not have organized groups playing (9-holers, 18-holers, seniors), and group gatherings will most likely be restricted. Nothing is decided yet and we don’t know when we will get back to our organized play. As soon as I know anything I will pass it along.

In the meantime stay safe and healthy.


Good Morning Ladies,
I do not know at this time if this event will be a cancellation due to COVID-19, but please review if interested.

Stay safe and healthy…



Rules Quiz

So you all are trapped in your homes, nothing to do but eat chocolates and watch TV eh? Here’s a fun thing to pass the time…..a Rules quiz, yippee!



2020 whoops quiz.docx

Latest Open Days

Hi Ladies-
See attached for details on latest Open Days:

As you no doubt are aware, many Open Days have been canceled, so here’s hoping the coronavirus threat is much diminished and these Open Days proceed as planned.

Kings Country Club and Kings River are Back-to-Back on April 29 and April 30, and you can invite a guest, male or female. Your guest must have a recognized handicap index of 40.4 or lower.

Palo Alto Hills is on May 7. This one has an 8 a.m. shotgun,

Please let me know by April 1 for Kings Country Club and Kings River, and by April 7 for Palo Alto Hills. If you’re bringing a guest, I’ll need name and GHIN number. Those attending both courses for the Back-to-Back are given preference.

Bonnie Ladd
Open Day Chair

Kings River-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Kings-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Palo Alto Hills-LOI-2020 FINAL (1).pdf

Covid-19 NCGA

Good Afternoon Ladies,

The following was received on Friday, March 20 and for your information:

Covid-19 Update

As you may know, the NCGA sent an email on Friday, March 13 to all members, NCGA Club Officers and Club Ambassadors with an update on Covid-19, also known as the Coronavirus, and its impact on our tournaments and events schedule. All scheduled NCGA competitions and events are currently suspended through April 18, 2020. We will continue to provide updates to all members and clubs in a timely manner. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,


NCGA Club Ambassador

More Open Days

Hi Ladies-

See attached for details on latest Open Days: San Juan Oaks on April 21, Rossmoor and Woodbridge on April 23, Richmond on April 28, and Lake of the Pines on April 29. All except San Juan Oaks allow you to partner with another person or as a foursome. Richmond is special in that you can invite an non-WGANC female to be your guest partner.

As you no doubt are aware, all previously scheduled Open Days have been canceled, so here’s hoping the coronavirus threat is much diminished and these Open Days proceed as planned.

Please let me know by March 30 is you want to attend San Juan Oaks, Woodbridge or Rossmoor, and by April 6 for Lake of the Pines and Richmond.

Bonnie Ladd
Open Day Chair

San Juan Oaks-LOI-2020 FINAL (1).pdf

Lake of the Pines LOI.pdf

Rossmoor LOI.pdf

Woodbridge-LOI-2020 FINAL (1).pdf

Richmond-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Notes from Advisory Board

– Sand and seed box has been relocated behind the tee box on #8 > – Still looking for a top dressing machine
> – New trees have been purchased
> – #16 redid front pot bunker
> – Lakes have all been treated for aquatic weeds so holding the levels down for now > – Week of March 23 aerating greens – takes 2 weeks to recover > – Irrigation – pumps were checked and are in good condition.
> – Soil samples from #12 fairway and green have been sent in, waiting on results. > – New club website to be released next month.
> – New red towels. 46 of 100 have already disappeared!
> – Very aware of coronavirus and club is taking precautions per the messages you have been receiving. >
> Regards,
> Donna

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