May Rules Quiz (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

Are you ready? The sun is out and it’s quiz time.

Here we go…………………

1. Which of the following are loose impediments?
a) Your crazy fellow competitor
b) A wooden bench
c) A paper cup with your coffee and kahlua in
d) Pebbles, leaves, a banana peel

Answer: d) Definition of Loose Impediments

2. In stroke play, both your ball and a large pine cone lie in the same bunker. The pine cone is directly in front of the ball. Which one of the following is correct?

a) You may remove the pine cone without penalty before making your stroke in the bunker
b) Under penalty of one stroke you may place the ball anywhere in the bunker
c) You may play the ball as it lies or proceed under Rule 28 Unplayable Lie
d) Without penalty you may drop the ball within one club length of the nearest point of relief.

Answer: c) Rule 13-4. You are not allowed to touch or move a loose impediment lying in a bunker. (Using Rule 28 Unplayable lie in a bunker you have three options which all cost you one stroke and under options b and c you must DROP the ball in the bunker)

3) In match play you’re on the green and you mark and lift your ball and then you accidentally drop it, striking and moving your opponent’s ball. What is the ruling?
a) Blame your shaky hand on the kahlua in your cart and offer your opponent a drink
b) You are not penalized and both balls must be replaced
c) You lose the hole
d) You incur one penalty stroke and the balls must be replaced.

Answer: d) Rule 18-3b, 18/7.5, and Definition of “Equipment”. A ball that has been lifted is no longer in play and is “equipment” so sadly you get a one stroke penalty.

4) In stroke play you hit your ball into some thick rough and search for it for 5 minutes and can’t find it. You look for another minute, find your ball and play it. What is the ruling?

a) There is no penalty
b) There is a two stroke penalty for delay of play
c) There is a two stroke penalty for playing a wrong ball

Answer: c) Your ball was lost and therefore “out of play” when the five minutes expired. It’s a two stroke penalty, or loss of hole in match play. You must return to where you last played and play from there under Rule 27-1, stroke and distance. You will be disqualified if you continue and play from the next tee.

5) Remember that cup of kahlua you have in your cart that you thought earlier in question #1 could be a loose impediment, and later gave you shaky hands, well the empty cup flies onto the green and your ball comes to rest inside it.
Wow we really can imagine that happening eh? But things might be getting better as the wind blows it closer to the hole. What is the ruling?

a) Ban all kahlua/coffee drinkers and paper cups from the course
b) You must play the ball from its new position as the wind is not an outside agency
c) You must lift the ball and place it as near as possible at the spot directly under the place where it was inside the cup before the wind blew it.
d) Drink your kahlua directly out of the bottle next time.

Answer: c) Rule 18-1/7. The whole point of this very complicated story is to remind you that: If your ball is moved by an outside agency, such as your cup, you must replace it to where it was before. If it is moved by the wind, which is not an outside agency, you play it where it now lies.
As your ball was in the cup, and the cup, an outside agency,was moved by the wind, the cup is responsible.

After these questions we all need a drink!

I hope you enjoyed this crazy quiz and it helps you.



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