Pilings on Hole #12 (Frances)

There has been some discussion about how to play a ball that comes to rest against the pilings on the cart path on Hole #12. After much discussion with the Pro Shop, our Rules Chairperson and even some of the male club members, there is agreement that the way that the Discovery Bay Country Club has set up the markings for hazards and boundaries they have designated the wood pilings that line the cart path and lateral water hazard on hole #12 to be a part of the course. Although these pilings are on the lateral hazard margin, and line this hazard, the Club allows relief to be taken. A player may find their “nearest point of relief,” no closer to the hole, on the grass alongside the cart path and drop a ball.

However, this does not apply if the ball is on the “bridge” portion of the cart path. If the ball comes to rest on the bridge, it is considered in the hazard. (It may be played from the bridge, without penalty, if the player so desires).

If you have any questions regarding this situation, please feel free to ask Hilary or me for clarification.

Happy Golfing… Frances


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