Play Day Results 8/24 (Fran)

The game today was “Rotten Eggs”. Each player tossed out one “rotten Par 3”, one “rotten Par 4” and one “rotten Par 5” then subtracted their handicap to determine their “net” score. This was the first really hot day of the year, but we were able to finish before the heat became unbearable. Here are the results:

1st Flight
1st place: Frances Shipilov (51) $5.75
2nd place: Cathy Fancey (52) $4.75
3rd place: Shelly Morgan (55) $3.50
4th place: Nancy Lencioni (55) $2.50

2nd Flight
1st place: Dana Wardstrom (48) $5.75
2nd place: Liz Lord (48) $4.75
3rd place: Marti Fowler (50) $3.50
4th place: Donna Johnson (50) $2.50

Dana Wardstrom earned her “Broke 90” pin today with a wonderful gross 88!

Closest to the Pin:

Hole 2 Carol Bade (19’3”) Marti Fowler (16’8”)
Hole 7 Jeanne Zwemer (34’ ½”) Jan McCleery (20’ 9”)
Hole 17 Dana Wardstrom (9’10”) Brenda Reisinger (32’3”)

Chip-ins: Jill Chase (13), Dana Wardstrom (5)

Birdies: Liz Lord (11)

Congratulations to all of the above “winners” and thank you to all the ladies who participated.

Happy Golfing



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