General Meeting Sept. 14, 2010

SEPTEMBER, 14, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Captain Donna Reich at 1:15p.m.

Donna asked for any corrections and/or additions to the July 13, 2010 General Meeting minutes. Sonya Welin requested a change to the minutes referencing her comment to read ”Sonya Welin and Kay Smith raised the question, “why we weren’t playing with our correct index and handicap as NCGA, WGANC and PW encourage and support the posting at the first and 15th of each month”. The correction was so noted, and will be made. Sandy Smith moved that we accept the minutes as written with the correction and Jan McCleery seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Cathy Houston reported that we have $9,959.73 in our account. We have about $3000 in expenses that will be due. We will also have the money coming in for the membership dues. She stated that we will probably go into 2011 with a budget around $10,000.

Jackie Amthauer motioned that we approved the budget and Liz Lord seconded. The motion passed.

Liz Lord reported that we made $1229.29 from the Invitational.

Dana Wardstrom stated that the Pro Shop will now be making our score cards, posting our scores and adjusting them. She told the ladies to be sure to adjust your scores before you hand your score card in.

Raquel Myers reported that there is a meeting of all of the Central Valley team captains on Oct. 20th. They will set up the scheduling for next year. Also, Raquel will have Kay Smith and Bonnie Ladd to help her with team play.
Becky Frazier is the captain for the Diablo team play. She was absent, but it was reported that our team came in in 4th place, in gross, in that league.

Forms for membership and ballots were handed out. Fill out ONLY the changes you might have on the membership form (different cell phone number, etc.)

Beckie Carter asked if our group may want to sponsor a hole for Rally for a Cure. Kay Smith motioned that we give $100 for the hole sponsor. Nancy Lencioni seconded. Sandy Smith asked if we could reconsider the amount and give $300. Sue Arlotta motioned that we amend the first motion and give $300. Janet Brown seconded. The motion passed.

Proposed Bylaw Changes:
1. Because the pro shop will be making our score cards and posting our scores, Donna proposed updating the Bylaws to make the Handicap Chairman’s audit responsibility more flexible: “Shall verify posting of scores by members ‘as deemed necessary’. Fran Shipilov moved that we accept the proposed Bylaw change and Dana Wardstrom seconded. The motion passed.

2. A previously approved ByLaw change of Article VIII. This would give us flexibility on which day we do have our play day. We need to change the wording to: “Unless otherwise specified, the day of competitive golf shall be Tuesday of each week, throughout the fiscal year, with the exception of holidays.” Beckie Carter moved that we accept this proposed change and Jan McCleery seconded. The motion passed.

3. Our Bylaws state that the team captains should change every two years. Because we have a hard time getting women to volunteer to captain our teams, it was suggested that we change the Bylaw to read: “In absence of volunteers for team play captains, the present captains may continue in their positions beyond the 2 year recommendation”. Shelly Morgan moved that we accept the change and Diane Sevim seconded. The motion passed.

Proposed Tournament Regulation Changes:
Rule #2: Since the pro shop will be doing our score cards, there needs to be a firm deadline of Sunday 10 AM to sign up or cancel playing on the following Tues. play day. The initial proposal was to change the Current Rule 2 which reads: Sign up or email before 2:00 p.m. Sunday, to read: you MUST sign up before Sunday noon. Fran stated that it needs to be 10 AM, not 2 PM because we’re now having the pro shop do our cards and posting . Kay Smith reported that most of the clubs’ pro shops are now doing the pairing and scorecards for their members’ groups. Sonja Welin was concerned that there’s quite a lot of time between Sunday noon and Tues. and maybe someone would be ill on Sun., but be feeling much better my Tues. morning and want to play. Fran said that if there are threesomes, then that person would be allowed to play. If not, they would have to follow the field and that it hasn’t been a problem in the past few years. A discussion followed. The group agreed to operate as recommended and give feedback if any issues arise.

Jan asked if we could stop using a paper sign-up sheet and sign-up by email. There was a discussion about using ForeTees (cannot as of now but the pro shop is looking into it). Brenda Reisinger asked if we could put the sign up sheet on our website. After discussion, the group wanted to move paperless sign-ups. Fran said that they would email sign ups for the next few weeks and see how it goes. If it goes well, we will continue to do it that way. Fran moved that we accept the change and Jan McCleery seconded. Motion passed.

Rule #6: A proposed change was provided based on the pro shop collecting the sweeps. Chip ins and closest to will be $1 each. The proposed change to the Bylaw, Rule 6 (a) and (b) will be: For regular play days, entry fees (sweeps) will be $2.00 for every player who plays, charged to the player’s account by the pro shop. There will be voluntary sign up sheets for chip-ins and “closest to the pin”. Liz Lord moved that we accept this change, Jan McCleery seconded. Motion passed.

Rule #7: The board recommended that Rule #7 be deleted because it is repetitive of Rule #5. Sue Arlotta moved that we accept the change and Kay Smith seconded. Motion passed.

Tournament Regulations:
Jan McCleery would like to make it easier for all of us to vote for Bylaw and tournament changes and raised the question of using absentee ballots for bylaw and tournament regulation and whether new bylaw changes raised as a motion from the floor and voted on should go into effect immediately same as the tournament regulations now are. Sandy Smith said that we HAVE to post the proposed changes for 2 weeks. That gives all of us a chance to read them. Jan proposed we add the ability to use absentee ballots for bylaw and tournament regulation changes. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Shelly Morgan suggested that if we have any questions, to use the WGANC. That’s their job and feel free to call them at any time.

Donna Reich read the slate of Board candidates and asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were none. Ballots were distributed and collected. Cam Donald reported that there were 39 ballots plus 10 absentee ballots. 38 ballots were unanimous for the proposed officer slate.
Donna Reich reported that Diane Sevim and Beckie Carter will do the Invitational next year.

Rosters: Jan McCleery would like to cut down on the costs of the rosters. The current rosters cost around $390 even with Jan’s discount. She stated that a lot of the information is now on our website. We can make the rosters smaller and staple them together instead of having the spirals. Janet Brown would like to still see the names of the past Presidents in the roster. They were the ladies who started our group. It was decided to keep them as cheap as possible, with our addresses and calendar in larger print. We took a vote, the rosters will be stapled.

Fran reminded us of the upcoming Club Championship. So far, we have 5 members signed up. There’s a sign up sheet on our board and an envelope in our drawer for checks. It will be a gross score tournament.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Zwemer, Secretary


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