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CV Team Play Updates

Be sure to check periodically for Team Play updates. We just uploaded the latest Central Valley stats to the right side panel – or click here: Central Valley Team Stats. Check with Bonnie Ladd if you have any questions.

Diablo team play update

From Annette:

Thought I would give you all an update on how we are doing. We have had 3 matches since my last report.

We hosted on April 19 and played against Rossmoor again. Players were, myself, Lin, Dana, Jenny, Gay, Patty, Sandy and Shelly. We did pretty good on our home course. Lin and I played against an older lady who has been a very competitive golfer for a long time. She’s in her 70’s and has a 12 handicap. Her and Lin’s mom were very good friends back in the day. So it’s very fun to play with her. One thing that happened that I have never seen before is that our other opponent Grace got her ball stuck in the tree next to the green on #8. We could see it up there! Everyone loves our chicken mushroom crepes for lunch!

Next match was at Orinda on April 28. Players were, myself, Cathy H, Lin, Dana, Becky, Jenny, Gay and Patty. Orinda has had some changes and their course was in really nice shape. It is an interesting course and there’s a few spots where you have to cross over a busy road. I feel like a squirrel who runs out in front of your car and tries not to get hit. We played against Diablo. We did ok, few tough matches but Cathy was very happy to walk away with par on #18. It’s this very uphill par 5 with a crazy green! I decided to wear my lime green pants that day and ended up having to go into work after golf and didn’t have any other clothes. I took a little bit of ribbing. Lunch was awesome, it was a tostada bar with tons of good stuff to go on them and yummy desserts!

We played at Moraga on Wed May 11. A lot of people don’t especially love Moraga. It’s a lot of hilly lies and a few difficult blind shots and some pretty severe elevation changes. Players were myself, Lin, Dana, Cathy H, Becky, Gay, Patty and Jill. We played against Blackhawk and their team is very good. Their highest handicap is a 16 so it’s hard to compete. Our team did have some good scores and we did alright. Lin and I were very happy with ourselves for parring #8. It’s this short little par 4 that has a giant tree in front of the green and a big ditch and the green is super narrow. Lunch was fish taco’s and an ice cream sundae bar!

We currently are in 7th place. But we have played the #1 and #2 teams already so we got room to move up!

Our next match is not till June 21 at Crow Canyon

Thanks Annette

Spring Handicap Tournament Results

Hello Ladies,

Thanks again for participating in the Spring Handicap Tournament.

May 3rd
Sally Sturney #2
Jenny Dillon #2
Shelly Morgan #2
Dana Wardstrom #6
Gay Wold #8

May 5th
Sondi Schnee #17
Jeanne Zwemer #17
Cindy Renshaw #1
Annette Krey #6, #8 and #17

May 10th
Cindy Renshaw #2 and #5
Dana Wardstrom #4
Gay Wold #5

Chip-In’s (worth $6.00 each)
No Chip-In’s on May 3rd.

May 5th
Julie Hanson #11
Sally Sturney #10

May 10th
Bonnie Ladd #6
Cathy Fancey #17
Cindy Renshaw #5 and #14
Gay Wold #5



Way to go Charlene!!!!!

First Flight
FIrst Place – Cindy Renshaw with a score of 142 (71/71)
Second Place – Dana Wardstrom with a score of 145 (72/73)
Third Place – Cathy Fancey with a score of 146 (76/70)

Second Flight
First Place – Linda Daniel with a score of 142 (71/71)
Second Place – Deborah Veatch with a score of 144 (72/72)
Third Place – Jeanne Zwemer with a score of 147 (69/78)
Please note: Sondi Schnee also had a score of 147 so the tie was broken on the back nine with all three days since both players played all three days.

Third Flight
First Place – Sally Sturney with a score of 143 (70/73)
Second Place – Joanne Smith with a score of 146 (65/81)
Third Place – Julie Hanson with a score of 148 (75/73)

I would also like to thank Patty Uyeno for making the trophies. They turned out awesome!!

Thanks again to all the ladies that played.


February News and Event


Our game schedule this month

February 2, 2016 – PPLN –WGANC Pendant Day
PPLN- Play your game and keep track of your putts. After the round your first 3-putt will cost you .20 cents and .10 for each additional 3-putt and the dreaded 4-putt will cost you a quarter.

WGANC Pendant – Women’s Golf Association of Northern California gives us two pins to award the two ladies that have the Best Net Scores from the Pendant Days through the year. No need to keep track, we do it for you. It is the best 3 net scores from 6 different rounds.

February 9, 2016 – Valentine Ball 2 Best Ball
You use one PINK ball as one best ball and rotate it through the foursome. Total the pink ball and your best net score from the remainder 3 players. If you DO NOT LOSE your pink ball you subtract 14 strokes from your valentine ball score.

February 16, 2016
CLUB CLOSED Due to Presidents Day on 2/15/2016

February 23, 2016
GUEST DAY – One Best Ball
Our first guest day, we will play one Best Ball
Pick the Best Net Ball of your foursome for each hole.

REMEMBER ON GUEST DAY, you will need to bring $3.00 cash. If you can bring $1.00’s that is very helpful.

June Advisory Board minutes

June Advisory Board meeting minutes.

The trees and bushes have been trimmed outside the Fairway room and the dead one will be removed soon.

“Handicap access only” signs will be placed on certain fairways where cart traffic is not normally allowed. Instructions on how to drive on these
areas will be given to the members who are allowed to have handicap flags. It is estimated that less than 6 members will qualify.

Ed Turman has generously made holders for the pins with American flags so it will be easier to avoid laying the flags on the greens.

Drought problems. Wetting agents are working well and will be re-applied in a month. In areas the Poa grass is stressing and
sod will be replaced in certain areas close to some greens. Due to this extra work the leveling of tee boxes has been postponed.

The 30 hp pump in the pump house needs replacing. Cost approx. $10,000.

Zak has left to go back to college and has been replaced with Frank who has previous Pro shop experience at Deer Ridge/Shadow Lakes.

The water fountain on hole #5 has been repaired.

The Corena Green event will be next month.

Membership inquiries are up this month.

Jenelle is looking for replacement for Mary in the bar and has employed a new server.

Water will be only given to diners upon request only.

Sick leave accrual will begin July 1st for employees with over 90 days of service.

Mouse pads are being given to members who play liar’s dice in the grill to attempt to reduce their noise level.

A new counter will be installed in the Ladies locker on June 29th.

It was requested that new faucets be added as well or at least the existing ones be cleaned better.

It was requested that the faucets, sink, grout and soap dispenser in the ladies bathroom outside the Pro shop be cleaned better.

Mark wanted to let the Sunday couples’ group know that the Management is extremely willing to accommodate them eating at the Club after their play but they must
co-ordinate their plans with him or Jenelle. The dining room may be previously booked with events that day making efficient service difficult or impossible.
Joanne Leete said that she will communicate this to the group as she is a participant.


Central Valley Team Play report

From Bonnie – Way to go girls!

As I’ve stated in meetings, we have a tough time in this league, but you sure wouldn’t know it by our last two matches. Playing against Del Rio June 2, we won 4.5 points (out of 6 possible), and this past Tuesday our opponents were Spring Creek. We won 5.5 points, the most points by any team for the day, and each of us took home the winnings – a sleeve of balls. Fun! We are now right in the middle of the pack, ranked 5 out of 9 teams. See attached spreadsheet for the nitty gritty. The latest spreadsheet is always posted on our website for future reference.

Players this year, in no specific order, have been Gay Wold, Jeanne Zwemer, Jill Chase, Patty Uyeno, Frances Shipilov, Hilary Frigillana, Rochelle Baxley, Peggy Schuitemaker, Deborah Veatch, Charlene Kleiner, Shelly Morgan, Becky Frazier, Chris Myall, Myra Buckman, Sandy Smith, Joann Smith, Cathy Houston, Dana Wardstrom, Cindy Renshaw, and myself. Thank you all!

We have 2 more matches, both on Mondays, July 13 at Elkhorn and August 31 at Oakdale. Let me know if you’re interested in playing and I will make every effort to fit you in.

Thanks, Bonnie

Spring Net Handicap Tournament Results

Hello Ladies,

Thanks again to all the ladies that came out and played in the Spring Handicap Tournament.

Here are the results:


Tuesday 5/5/15
Annette Krey #1, #6
Cathy Fancey #8
Jeanne Zweamer #7
Cindy Renshaw #1
Sondee Schnee #8
Kelly Vik #6
Susan Leeper #7

Thursday 5/7/15
Annette Krey #6, #14, #17
Jenny Dillion #17

Tuesday 5/12/15
Frances Shipilov #15
Dana Wardstrom #18

Tuesday 5/5/15
Jan McCleery #11 worth $18.00

Thursday 5/7/15
Jenny DIllion #17
Gay Wold #15
Worth $9.00 each

Tuesday 5/12/15
Susan Leeper #4
Shelly Morgan #7
Hilary Frigillana (sorry didn’t write down the hole number)
Dana Wardstrom #10
Worth $4.50 each

This one is for you Doris……..


On Thursday, Kris Rogers used her 3 wood for the 133 yards, white pin on hole #14 for her hole In one. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!




First Flight
1st Place – Lin Lenson with a score of 142
2nd Place – Mary Watkins with a score of 144
3rd Place – Jeanne Zweamer with a score of 144

Second Flight
1st Place – Sandy Smith with a score of 144
2nd Place – Cindy Renshaw with a score of 144
3rd Place – Bonnie Ladd with a score of 146

Third Flight
1st Place – Sally Sturney with a score of 143
2nd Place – Joanne Smith with a score of 145
3rd Place – Kris Rogers with a score of 145

No matter what flight you were in, I think the scores were close for all the ladies.

We had 36 ladies sign up and one had to pull out due to medical reasons. But only 5 ladies played two out of the three days and I believe it was for some unforeseen reasons. So THANK YOU for scheduling these three days to participate. It was wonderful to see all the ladies play in this tournament.


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