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A note about Posting scores

Hi all,

Just a reminder, as we are all getting used to the new Maximum Score Hole – when submitting your Tuesday scorecards, we need you to put your postable score under MHS.

If you don’t stroke on a hole you can take a double, if you get one stroke you can take a triple and if you get 2 strokes you can take a quadruple. Or, Par plus two, plus your strokes (pops). I will pop the scorecards so you can easily see where you get your strokes.


Info on the new World Handicap System

I have attached a document that the Trilogy golf group put together. It is another well written explanation of how to determine where you get your strokes using the new World Handicap System.


Tuesday 1/14 game day results

Ladies –

Thanks to everyone who came out to play today. Nice to be able to get out in early January and have pretty good conditions.

A couple of reminders. Please be mindful of pace of play. We play with a shotgun start therefore everyone should get in around the same time. This gives us time to socialize together and announce results. Remember – if you can’t see the group in front of you, you are behind.

Don’t forget the new options for an unplayable ball in a bunker. These are covered in Rule 19-3 and I would encourage you to read the details here.

Next weeks game is Criss Cross – you get to pick from your Net score on 1 or 10, 2 or 11, etc. Please sign up on Foretees by noon on Saturday.

Today’ results:
Chip-ins, each worth $10.50: Bonnie Ladd and Linda Montgomery.

Birdies: Cindy Aafedt #13, Rochelle Baxley #2, Lisa Ferrante #7.

Closest-to-the-pin: $4 each
#2 – Rochelle Baxley 2’7″ and Kris Rogers 25’19”
#17 – Jan Murphy 8’2″ and Julie Hanson 35’1″

Sweet & Sour Game:
1st flight – 3-way tie – $7 each
Lisa Ferrante, Stacey Moro, Deborah Veatch

2nd flight – 4-way tie – $5.25 each
Bonnie Ladd, Sondi Schnee, Sandy Mize, Doris Bunnell

See you all next week!
Donna and Sondi

2020 Advisory Board

To Cindy and Donna,
We want to congratulate both of you on your recent selection to the 2020 Advisory Board.

Your dedication, enthusiasm and inspiring input will proudly represent the DBWGC.

Susan Leeper

Handicap System Changes 2020

Dear Ladies,

The World Handicap System is approaching soon! Effective January 1, 2020, there will be several key changes regarding our handicaps.

Normal score posting will continue until December 31. Then all will go dark as tens of millions of existing scores in the U.S. are uploaded to the new GHIN platforms. A few days and a quick reboot later, the WHS commences on January 6, 2020.

To learn more, visit the NCGA website at:

Best regards,

Susan Leeper

Pizza for the Maintenance Crew

Peggie (2019 Captain) continued the DBWGC tradition of taking pizza to the maintenance crew. Here’s her report:

December 19, 2019

Good afternoon ladies,
I received a very nice thank you from the crew at Discovery Bay CC this morning when I delivered pizza and sodas from our club. They were kind enough to take a quick photo with me for our bulletin board and historian books.
What a nice way to celebrate Christmas.

Peggie Schuitemaker


Christmas Lunch – 2018

Advisory Board Meeting, March 15, 2018

Golf Course Maintenance

* Will start punching the greens next week or the week after. Depends on weather.

* A new mat was put on the walking bridge between holes 2 & 3.

* The new artificial swans are still being tested on their usefulness for getting rid of geese. New spotlights are being purchased to be put where the geese sleep.

* Going to be spraying weeds on holes 1-7 Friday, 8-12 Monday & 13-18 on Tuesday.

* Yardage stakes that are broken are being repaired.

* The Club is going to make the wire attached to the sand shovel, in the sand box between holes 7 & 8,longer.

* Maintenance is not able to cut a path for walkers between holes 12 & 13 because of the roots from all the trees. Would damage lawn mowers.

Golf Operations

* Going to have a Sunset Golf on Sunday afternoon, April 8th. Can have any combination of men & women or can be all men or all women. New York Steak Dinner & Bingo.

* Ping Demo Day was canceled due to weather. Will be rescheduled.

Food & Beverage Operation

* We have new lunch & dinner menus. New salads, Hamburgers & sandwiches. Even Mac & cheese.

* Halibut is back in season again so will start having your halibut favorites again.

* Mystery Murder Dinner is filling up nicely.

* Person that was going to do the floors in our downstairs bathroom is not available now. Don’t know when they are going to start the project.

Next meeting will be Thursday, April 19 at 3:30.

Advisory Committee Meeting



  • The question was raised about whether there is a defibulator in the Country Club. There is not one on site. It is not a cost issue, but a time issue. There is only a 5-minute window to be effective. By the time the defibulator was taken out on the course, too much time would have elapsed.
  • The beverage carts have been repaired.
  • If a member is using the family’s personal cart and another family member wants a cart, the cost for the use of the club’s cart is reduced to $9.
  • There are 4 weddings coming up at the club.
  • There are new staff members.
  • The roll out date for the new menu has not been decided. However, some new items from the menu will be previewed as specials.
  • There are currently 3 paint nights on the books: October 26, November 16, and December 14.
  • Kudos to Luis for the food.
  • There will be grass behind the brick wall at the entrance hopefully by the end of the year.
  • The Sadie Hawkins went well.
  • Member-Member coming up. Wants 100 participants.
  • The golf cart battery replacement is complete.
  • Chris is researching how to get rid of/remove the ground squirrel who is repeatedly digging a hole by the forward tee on #15.
  • Seeded and sodded areas are roped off and doing well.
  • The driving range is improving as a result of the work done on it.
  • The course has been sprayed for broad leaf and crab grass.
  • The tees will be punched in the next week or so.
  • The overseeding on the fairways is doing well.
  • There have been a lot of repairs in the club house including AC.
  • The grill AC has been down for 2 months. New AC is in place and needs electrical hook up.
  • Membership is at 423.

Submitted by
Barbara Mensch

June Advisory Board Highlights

June 15, 2017

• DBGCC was thanked for their support of the Save the Delta Charity Golf Tournament, especially Mark, Jenelle, and Jon.
• The wet area by the #16 teeing ground is on the list of things to be attended to.
• It was suggested that the cart path areas on No. 5 and 6 that have raised have a red stripe to alert people before they hit them with their golf carts.
• Concern was raised about smokers outside the designated smoking area.
• With the expected high temperatures in the 100’s next week, there will be a lot of sprinklers and soaker hoses running. The turf is healthy so the course should be okay.
• There is a tree by No. 12 teeing ground that is leaning so that it almost blocks the foot traffic walk path. It will be removed on Monday.
• Now that the Main Gate is completed, there are plans to redo the irrigation on No. 4 and plant grass. Cobble will be used in the point area.
• There are 72 people signed up for the prime rib dinner, 90 for the July Jumble, Beatles dinner is sold out but there is space available for the concert, 30 people are signed up for the Family Feud it would be desirable to double that number. There have been a couple of weddings held at the club.
• July 4th is Member Appreciation Day. There will be a DJ. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and complimentary beverages will be available from 12 noon – 3 P.M.
• There are new items added to the menu that is coming out soon.
• Stockton has a small cannon that indicates the start of a shotgun. Jon will investigate.
• Oakdale has tee marker plaques donated by outside companies as sponsors.
• The seats on the golf carts are being repaired with new vinyl the same as what is currently on the carts.
• Monster pin day is Saturday. This is a fun day. Players will be notified that it is not a postable round as some pin placements are not legal.
• The 2nd Sunset Golf is July 20. Information will be posted tomorrow.
• The food at the recent Men’s Tournament was excellent.
• There are several new curbs in place. The No. 15 teeing ground by the restrooms is in need of curbs.
• The sloping area on the practice green that allows balls to run onto the cart path will be checked to see if the rough can be modified to alleviate the problem.
• The recent PXG demo day was a success.
• Some golf cart batteries are being replaced. Batteries usually last around 5 years.
• A lot of people are on the trail membership plan. It is hoped that many will become members.
• The club will be providing the Main Gate with a guest list for every event.

Prepared by
Barbara Mensch

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