Welcome new member Kat Gelardi. Kat is originally from Michigan, then spent many years in Clovis, CA, with her husband and 3 girls. She’s now living in Discovery Bay. In addition to golf, she enjoys fishing. This is her first time joining a women’s golf club!



Hello Ladies,

Please welcome our new member, Kelly Vik.  Kelly was a DBWGC member from 2016 to 2018, and we are so excited that she has now rejoined.  Kelly spends her winters in Palm Desert (Indian Wells Country Club) and her summers here in Discovery Bay.
Kelly played with us today, and her team was one of the winners!  

Kelly’s information has been added to the website Roster.  

Please greet Kelly when you see her.  

Correction – Relief from goose poop

> Hi,
> After the Advisory Board notes went out I talked to Hilary and Tim’s response about the relief if your ball lands on goose poop is incorrect. The goose poop is considered a loose impediment and if you move your ball to remove goose poop it is a penalty. If the poop is near your ball you can move the poop, but you cannot move your ball to remove the poop. I did send this information to Tim but have not heard anything back from him. I would go by the USGA rules of loose impediment. >
> Sorry for the confusion.
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover

Notes from Advisory Board-May 20, 2021

> Regarding things related to COVID such as the cart dividers, hooks in the holes, and ice on the course – much of this is driven by restrictions and people still wanting to be cautious. The club will start to take some of the dividers out and leave those carts on one side (near the entry to the cart area) and leave those with dividers over by the pro shop. It would be great if more people would share carts. You are allowed to take out the flag when putting. Ice on the course is a common area and may come after June 15. >
> An ice machine has been ordered and should arrive in the next couple of weeks. This will be placed near the pro shop. >
> Weekly group play – ladies have 3 events in June, with shotgun starts. Hopefully by July it will be every week but this hasn’t been decided quite yet. Sign-ups will cut-off 7 days prior so be sure to sign-up when available. >
> Tuesdays are still a slow day for the restaurant – please enjoy a meal after your round. The Fairway room is available for the Ladies on Tuesday and can hold the number of ladies playing. >
> Bunker on 10 is still being worked on. It should be complete by June 15. When they are not working in the bunker the regular green should be open to use. >
> All benches on the course will be looked at and painted/repaired as needed. >
> White folding chairs on the patio will be looked at to ensure they are in good repair. >
> Member appreciation day – July 4.
> Course is in good shape – lots of fertilizing has been done. We know the geese are a problem and there’s not much we can do about it. They are actually protected by Federal Law. However, DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!!! If your ball lands in goose poop you can take relief under abnormal ground conditions. >
> Thanks for your input.
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover

Advisory Board

Some of the comments below are specific to questions some of you asked me, but I’m going to include them here:

  1. Suggestion was made to add holes to the mats at the driving range, then we can use the rubber tees and people won’t be tempted to use the grass.
  2. White tee markers are coming as well.
  3. French fries in the restaurant were changed recently due to changes from the supplier.
  4. Weekly play dates – still not committing to every week due to tee sheet being busy and not everyone doubling up on carts.
  5. Suggestion was made to get a water/ice machine outside the pro shop. Mark will look into it.
  6. Suggestion was made to add misters on patio. Mark will look into it.
  7. Discussed flags on the greens often being cockeyed. Chris will look into this.
  8. Bunkers – a priority right now. Greenside bunker on 10 being worked on next Mon/Tues. He is aware of all the bunkers issues and is working on fixing them.
  9. Flag sticks can be taken out now if you want.
  10. Rough around the greens has been raised a little, this also helps with growth of the grass.
  11. Weather permitting (wind under 10 mph), weed spraying to be done next week.
  12. Discussed communication to members about events so they know if the tee sheet will be available or not.
  13. Pro shop clothes – orders were placed but items are late in arriving.
  14. Suggestion made to trim the tree on the left approaching the 9th green. When the crew comes out to take out the tree next to it, they will look into this.
  15. Rough height has been increased by 1/4 inch. Fairways are looking great and greens are repairing nicely.
  16. Suggestion was made to have a Mixed Invitational.
  17. Carts will continue to be repaired for now. New carts would mean an increase in cart fees.



Advisory Board notes

The board met yesterday and as we usually do, we spend a lot of time talking about the course conditions.Chris and his team are working hard to get it in great shape. Aeration of the fairways will continue, next week holes 9, 6 and 4 should get done.

The divot party was a success and was helpful. May consider another one in the future. As a reminder if you take big divots in the fairway please put the grass back – it does regrow!!

Chris did go through this morning and remark the areas of ground under repair.
Ball washers are back on the course and we should have the club cleaner back on the range soon.

Beverage cart currently works on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Will adjust based on demand.

If you have any comments please let me know before our next meeting on November 19.


Advisory Board Notes

We spent most of our meeting discussing the condition of the course and going through the repairs needed hole by hole. Chris is behind schedule as he has been short-staffed but plans to get started on the fairways next Monday. Divot party on October 7.
August, despite being a very hot month, had 4,603 rounds played, 23% over 2019!!
The tee sheet in ForeTees is now visible out 14 days.

Trying to get to 2 groups (i.e., seniors, 18-holers, 9-holers) per week, currently still doing only 1 group per week.
Cart dividers are coming. This will allow us to move to 8 minute tee times (which given the shorter daylight will give us the tee times we need).
Tim is interviewing for a new pro.

Dress code and littering was discussed – message to come out from the club.
Expanding restaurant outdoor dining discussed – will continue to look at this based on usage.

A note about Posting scores

Hi all,

Just a reminder, as we are all getting used to the new Maximum Score Hole – when submitting your Tuesday scorecards, we need you to put your postable score under MHS.

If you don’t stroke on a hole you can take a double, if you get one stroke you can take a triple and if you get 2 strokes you can take a quadruple. Or, Par plus two, plus your strokes (pops). I will pop the scorecards so you can easily see where you get your strokes.