Club Championship 2022

Cindy Aafedt is the DBWGC Club Champion 2022. Cindy and Annette Krey were tied with 162 after the two rounds. Cindy won by card off on the last 9 holes played. 

Cathy Houston won low net with 143 in that flight.

1st flight: Jenny Dillon low gross 184,  Debbie Martin low net 150.

2nd flight: Conchita Christensen low gross 174, Kay Bargmann low net 149.

3rd flight: Julie Hansen low gross 201, Lani Maloney low net 160.

4th flight: Jeanne Zwemer low gross 214, Deborah Veatch low net 156.

Birdies for both days:

Doris #2; Jan #2; Frances S #2,6; Sandy S #2; Jenny #15,17; Conchita #6,7,9,15;

Lisa #12,14;  Annette #15; #11 Cindy A; #18 Becky #13,11; Donna Y #2,14;

Cathy H #14.

Chip ins :

Cindy A #7, Donna Y #14, Cathy H #2, Jill #7, Frances #1, 12, Cathy F #1,

 Julie #4, Bonnie #14, Doris #2, Jan #12, Lani #13, Sally #12.

Terry (719-271-1921)  is running next week’s game. Contact her after Sunday with any changes to tee sheet.

October 25th will be PPLN.

Thanks for playing . Great turnout.

Cindy and Becky


2021 Invitational Recap

Just wanted to recap the 2021 Invitational, “Salute to Frontline Workers”. Two days of fun and camaraderie. Thanks to the 100 ladies who participated.
Not only did we survive the delta variant uptick and smoke from many fires, but made new friends and reconnected with old.

Here’s the recap of what occurred:

Probably the biggest success was the $450 raised for the Brentwood Food Pantry. The ladies that are involved with this charity,
were so happy that we could raise this money. I have to say, it’s actually the shining light from our invitational. Be proud of that.

Flight Winners – each flight was paid Gross, 1st Net and 2nd Net

Caregiver Flight

1st gross Watkins, Mendonsa, Ybarra, Anderson

1st net Houston, Kemps, Brendel, Renshaw

2nd net Heagle, Heagle, Grandi, Billingham

Transporter Flight

1st gross Moro, Ferra, Zaro, Schmitz

1st net Bunnell, Bartoli, Martin, Leete

2nd net Zwemer, Wold, Smith, Howell

First Responder Flight

1st gross Christensen, Slabaugh, Conti, Bischofberger

1st net Mize, Bates, Ulibarri, Schuitemaker

2nd net Baehr, Dudley, Vik, Stewart

Supply Chain Flight

1st gross Vinciguerra, Conway, Pinnell, Foley

1st net Sturney, Konkin, Veatch, Leeper

2nd net Uyeno, Partlow, Gaines, Hullen

Horse Race Winners

1st Place Bunnell, Bartoli, Martin, Leete

2nd Place Watkins, Mendonsa, Ybarra, Anderson

3rd Place Dillon, Fancey, Surdez, Lewandowski

18 teams opted to play in the horse race and were split into 3 flights. Flight 1 played holes 2 – 4, Flight 2 played holes 1 – 3 (and also hogged the beverage cart girl 😁)

and Flight 3 played holes 6 – 8. The winners of each flight met on hole 9 and played one hole for horse race placement. It came down to a chip off.
From what it seemed 100 yards from the back of the green, D. Martin made the perfect chip. Been back there a lot Debbie?? 😁 It was a very exciting finish for all and congratulations to making it to the last hole.

Closest to the Pin Winners, two winners per hole each day split by handicap (0-24 and 25-36)

Day 1

2 – Gay Wold 8’10” / Susan Leeper 7’5”

7 – Lisa Ferrante 7’9” / Sandy Mize 3’5”

14 – Stacey Moro 5’10” / Sherry Boyd 51’

17 – Alicia Sinclair 1’0” / Lynnette Lewandowski 4’10”

Day 2

2 – Cheree Mendonsa 1’8” / Sally Sturney 2’10”

7 – Fran Grace 6’0” / Nan Whitaker 31’11”

14 – Annette Krey 3’3” / Shelly Morgan 2’8”

17 – Julie Hanson 6’11” / Tonette Gaines 5’9”

Great shots ladies.

Casino Hole – throughout the 2 days we had 54 ladies who landed on the green. We had a drawing for winners from each day,
10 per day for a total of 20 winners of $40 each. Congratulations to all those that hit the green and to the final 20 who survived the drawing.
Thanks to all that participated.

We also had many raffle winners including golf bags, sand wedge, coffee tray, cookie basket, gift cards to golf galaxy, Texas Roadhouse, Uptown Trends,
Ogio travel bags, Campos wine gift basket, sky view adventure flight, lessons from our pros and a painting from a Central Valley artist.

I would like to thank my committee members

Becky Heagle T-prizes and Raffle

Annette Krey Raffle

Patty Uyeno Decorations creator

Joanne Smith, Mary Watkins, Sondi Schnee Decorations

Doris Bunnell Chief Statistician

Deborah Veatch/Sally Sturney Registration

Donna Ybarra Hole Sponsor Gatherer

Jenny Dillon Food Consultant

Thanks to the following vendors

Bill Mayer Motion Photography

Les Jacobs Select Imaging

— Les is a Discovery Bay member and handled the coolers and tumblers for us, plus the printing of our program.

Both of these guys are so supportive of our group and we enjoyed working with each of them.

Final Thanks to our Discovery Bay Staff from Food Service to Golf Services to Course Maintenance. Thanks Mark, Jenelle, Tim, Luis and Chris plus
your supporting cast. You were great.

I’ve attached a list of all the hole sponsors and appreciated their support and will thank them. As we all know supporting local small business
in this COVID recovery is a key to all our success.

Again, thanks to all for coming.


Wine and Roses – 2019 Invitational Results



Gross Winners, Cindy Aafedt, Rebecca Reese, Diana McInnis, Shelly Morgan (137)

1st place – Lisa Ferrante, Alicia Sinclair, Nora Rooney, Annie Sammis (110)

2nd placeBecky Frazier, Darlene Martel, Carol Bade, Cristy Schnauffer ((112)

3rd place – Cathy Houston, Caren Brendel, Cindy Renshaw, Mary Jo Knudsen (116)

4th place – Jill Chase, Jessica Ringer, Dana Wardstrom , Tracy Lape (117)


1st place –  Mary Watkins, Donna Ybarra, Cheree Mendonsa, Lani Maloney (107)

 2nd place – Donna Grover, Bridget Albosta, Julie Hanson, Jewell Stoddard (109)

3rd place –  Deborah Martin, Cathy Greenfield, Judy Kinnebrew, Cheryl Panziera (110)

4th place –  Jeanne Zwemer, Gay Wold, Sandy Smith, Debbie Kelley (113)


1st place –  Sandy Mize, Peggie Schuitemaker, Lisa Bates, Kathy Ulibarri (109)

2nd place –  Adrian Goodman, Mary Vinciguerra, Melanie Griffith, Julie Conway (113)

3rd place –  Lisa Cope, Pat Gilbreath, June VonRotz, Vicki Brandt (115)

4th place –  Charlene Kleiner, Conchita Christensen, Debbie Ruiz, Susan Leeper (1115)


1st place –  Mary Teschner, Linda Beatty, Valarie Stewart, Terry Foley (115)

2nd place –  Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Linda Barbara, Sue Rivera (116)

3rd place –  Kay Gschwend, Maryann Hansen, Linda Humbert-Jardin, Sue Youngblood (123)

4th place –  Sondi Schnee, Pamela Musselman, Marie Verza, Christine Williams ( 126)

Spring Handicap Final Results – May 7, 2019

Hi Ladies-

We wrapped up our Spring Handicap Tournament yesterday and our new Handicap Champion is Sondi Schnee!!  

We had 25 participants in 4 flights, total of two best rounds counted.  Winner of Flight 1 (Hcps 5-13) was Cindy Aafedt; Flight 2 (Hcps 22-25) Winner was Terry Billingham, second place went to Sandy Smith; Flight 3 (Hcps 26-32) was a tie between Deborah Veatch and Sherry Boyd, broken on the back nine with Deborah taking 1st; Flight 4 (Hcps 34-36) was won by Sally Sturney, second place going to Jo Smith.

Winners received gift certificates and small plants and, in addition, our champion receives our version of the Green Jacket, a fleece vest.

On to the statistics:

We had one notable:  Terry Billingham broke 90!

Chip-ins, worth $5 each:

Kay Gschwend, total of four (three on  5/7!)

Kris Rogers had two

Rochelle Baxley, Lisa Ferrante, Bonnie Ladd, Francis Shipilov, Cindy Aafedt, and Debbie Kelley had one each.


Rochelle Baxley, Kay Gschwend, Dana Wardstrom (2), Lisa Ferrante, Sherry Boyd, Cindy Aafedt (3), Terry Billingham, and Annette Krey (2).

Thanks to great participation, good weather, favorable course conditions, and help from the Pro Shop, it turned out to be a fun tournament.  Well, more fun for some than others, I guess.

See attached photos for all the nitty gritty and hope to see you all try our Fall Championship Tournament.  It’s Gross, but we have Net Flights, so everyone can sharpen competitive skills, and has the chance to be a winner!

Spring Handicap Round One – April 30, 2019

Hi Ladies-

Below are the overall standings after yesterday’s play.  Congratulations to Sondi for a fabulous net 64!

Please let me know if you see errors – this was a quick look at just one set of cards and I did not check the addition.

Tee times will be out this afternoon.  The leaders will tee off at 8:15 am and the rest of the groups will follow more or less in order so you can get an idea of when you’ll be teeing off.

There will be 3 flights.  First Flight is a small one, handicaps 5-13.  The other two flights are 22-29 and 30-36.

Del said these scores were posted as T Scores yesterday, so your May 1 handicaps may have changed.  We are using the 4/15 handicaps for all three days of the Tournament.

See you tomorrow and good luck to all!



  NAME   HC Gross 4/30 Net
1 Sondi Schnee 34 98 64
2 Dana Wardstrom 13 84 71
3 Terry Billingham 22 93 71
4 Sherry Boyd 32 103 71
5 Peggie Sch.maker 23 95 72
6 Annette Krey 6 80 74
7 Cindy Aafedt 7 81 74
8 Mary Watkins 22 96 74
9 Sandra Smith 23 97 74
10 Deborah Veatch 31 105 74
11 Sally Sturney 34 108 74
12 Kay Gschwend 29 105 76
13 Doris Bunnell 36 113 77
14 Rochelle Baxley 25 104 79
15 Brenda Reisinger 34 113 79
16 Jeanne Zwemer 25 105 80
17 Lisa Ferrante 5 86 81
18 Debbie Kelley 36 117 81
19 Christina Browning 23 105 82
20 Joanne Leete 29 111 82
21 Joanne Smith 36 118 82
22 Frances Shipilov 27 110 83
23 Kris Rogers 36 131 95


2018 Discovery Bay Women’s Golf Club Invitational

The 32nd annual Discovery Bay Women’s Club Invitational celebrated timeless traditions of golf with 108 players dressed in knickers and argyle representing over a dozen visiting country clubs.

Opening ceremonies included sounds from champion bagpiper, Fred Payne to the raising of the tournament flag by Liberty High School Junior Girls Golf Club member, Isabel Moomey,  and a group photo of the entire field of players on Hole #1.

Honorary Guest Speaker, Earline Dal Porto, first captain and co-founder of the club in 1987, delivered a tearful tribute to the club as she spoke about its beginning stating ” back then, you had to live in Discovery Bay to be a member, so I bought a condo!”.  She and her best friends Bobby Pearson and Jean Davis shared an equal love for the sport and played well into their “golden” years.  Earline also owned and operated Brentwood Ford, now Bill Brandt Ford in Brentwood, and married the love of her life, Bob Dal Porto, a local rancher and Liberty High School Hall of Famer.

As a tribute to the event, co-founder of the LPGA and author of the book “From Green to Tee”, Shirley Spork spoke at the awards banquet via live Face Time on the big screen.  After wishing us well on our tournament and taking us on trip through time in women’s golf, she received a standing ovation and closed with the words “Full swings girls and hold your finish ’till the ball lands!”.

Our guests enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner from our wonderful Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club and thanks to the Pros and the entire golf course staff, the course welcomed players to three days of competition and fun.  48 players won low net in their flights, with two teams winning overall low gross and low net, as well as 24 winners in various on site competitions.  Thanks to the many local sponsors and 15 country clubs donating rounds of golf, the tournament was able to help support the Liberty Union High School Junior Girls Golf Club.


Albatross Flight

1st Place Becky Frazier, Carol Bade, Darlene Martel, Cori Bertucio

2nd Place Dana Wardstrom, Jill Chase, Tracy Lape, Gina Rand

3rd Place Donna Grover, Jeanette Chang, Bridget Albosta, Sue Canossa

4th Place Lisa Ferrante, Monica Sanders, Alicia Sinclair, Natalie Inouye

Eagle Flight

1st Place Sandy Mize, Lisa Bates, Peggie Schuitemaker, Kathy Ulibarri

2nd Place Jan McCleery, Nonie Greenfield, Tammy Slabaugh, Gina Bischofberger

3rd Place Charlene Kleiner, Donna Nook, Susan Leeper, Conchita Christensen

4th Place Christina Browning, Susan Graham, Dana Carrigan, Kelly Simpson

Birdie Flight

1st Place Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Linda Stebbins, Linda Barbara

2nd Place Julie Hanson, Carolyn Barnes, Stacey Moro, Judy Bame

3rd Place Joanne Smith, Linda Mayer, Val Stewart, Terry Foley

4th Place Marie Verza, Pam Musselman, Lauralee Verdename, Sandy Mocco

Overall Low Net

Mary Watkins, Cheree Mendonsa, Donna Ybarra, Lani Meloney



2018 Spring Handicap Tournament

We had 21 ladies participate in this year’s Spring Handicap Tournament.   Congratulations to all our winners, and to Annette Krey, our overall low net winner.  Annette shot a net 69 and a net 72 and won with an awesome score of 141.

Here are the results:

Overall Low Net:  Annette Krey, score of 141.  

Annette will have her name added to our perpetual trophy, she receives the coveted white vest, $70. proshop gift certificate, and flowers.

First Flight:
1st Place Low Net, Cindy Aafedt, score of 150, winning $60 gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
2nd Place, Sandy Smith, score of 150 (tie broken on the back nine). Winning $40. Gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
3rd Place,  Mary Watkins, score of 152, winning $20. gift certificate.

Second Flight:
1st Place Low Net, Brenda Reisinger, score of 147,  winning a $60. gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
2nd Place, Sally Sturney, score of 152, winning $40 gift certificate and flowers in a golfer bud vase.
3rd Place, Deborah Veatch, score of 153, winning $20. gift certificate.

There were 8 chip-ins, each worth $5.00.

Thank you all for participating.

Next Tuesday is putts, points, and low net and is also a pendant day.  Contacts are Bonnie Ladd and Deborah Veatch.   Don’t forget to sign up by Sunday.

Cathy and Bonnie

2017 Club Championship Results

Hi all,

Nine women, three Tuesday’s, some very nice weather, and a 2017 Club Champ has emerged. The winner is……….Cindy Aafedt, with a three day total gross score of 232. That is three rounds of golf under 80, gross! Congratulations Cindy for three excellent days of golf. Annette Krey shot an outstanding 76 today for a three day total of 234. Very nice Annette. We also acknowledge low net. In this case, it was me. My three day total net score was 212.

As Club Champion, Cindy received a pro shop gift certificate of $75. Cindy will also receive a low gross champion necklace, and will also have her name engraved on the DBWGC Club Champion trophy. Annette Krey and I both received a $50.00 pro shop gift certificate.

There were 4 chip-ins, each worth $5.00.

Annette Krey, #10
Cathy Houston, #13
Sandy Smith, #5
Lin Lenson, #9


Cindy Aafedt, 1,5,17, 6
Annette Krey, 10,11,17
Cathy Houston, 7, 10
Dana Wardstrom, 14,17, 11, 17
Sandy Smith, 8
Lin Lenson, 2
Shelly Morgan, 7
Cathy Fancey, 17

Here are the details.


Thank you to those of you who followed the field and came up to help us celebrate.

Next Tuesday is the GO RED Tournament which is being organized by Becky Frazier.