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Peninsula and Catta Verdera Open Days

Hi Ladies-

See attached for details on latest Open Days: Peninsula on April 16 and Catte Verdera on April 20. These are both great courses. I think Catta Verdera used to be Twelve Bridges, the site of LPGA events years ago.

Let me know by March 20 if you want to play Peninsula and by March 30 if you want to play Catta Verdera.

Bonnie Ladd
Open Day Chair

Catta Verdera-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Peninsula-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf

Silverado Open Day on March 17 & Villages Open Day on March 19

Hi Ladies,

See attached for information. I’m not sure how long the Open Day program will continue as attendance has been dwindling. Take advantage of these great deals while we still have them!

The Open Day at the Villages is an event where you can be paired with a friend, or sign up as a foursome. Being paired is an option, not a requirement. Let me know your preferences when you get back to me.

Please reply by Feb 24 if you want to attend either or both Open Days.

Open Day Chair

Villages Open Day.pdf

Silverado Open Day.pdf

Open Day at Roundhill on Feb 25

Hi Ladies,

See attached for details. Please let me know by Jan 31, if you want to go.

Not everyone who signs up gets to go as some courses are very popular. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Attendance at Open Days has dropped off considerably so that situation may not arise.


Bonnie – Open Chair


Round Hill_LOI_2020 (1).pdf

Open Day Calendars

Hi Ladies,

See attached for this year’s Open Day Events. The Open Days are a great way to play other courses and make new golfing friends. Round Hill is coming up on Feb. 25 and I will be sending out full details in a bit.

I’ll send notices from each club as they appear on the calendar, which is on the NCGA website:

Please note my computer can be funky. I’ve heard if you try to reply to me from this message it doesn’t work, so just send me a new message.

Bonnie – Open Chair

2020 Open Days by Dates-1-9-2020 (1).pdf

Open Days by Club-1-8-2020.pdf

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