Guest Day Results (9/28) Frances

September 28 Guest Day Results:

Member Only Flight Winners (4 balls each):

Grace Berend, Frances Shipilov, Sonja Welin, Gay Wold

Guest Flight Winners (4 balls each):

Nancy Kramer

Cheree Mendonsa

Anne Wangeman

Closest to the Hole (3 balls each):

Member (#14) Frances Shipilov 6’7”

Guest (#2) Cheree Mendonsa 43’

Chipins ($2.20 each):

Sharon Shearer #16

Gay Wold #17

Nancy Kramer #7

Carol Grabar #5

Marti Fowler #15


Dana Wardstrom #17

Sue Arlotta #17 & #6

Barbara Wallen (Guest) #17

Frances Shipilov #14

Gay Wold #17

Nancy Kramer #6 & #7

Anne Wangeman #17

Cathy Fancey #14

Happy Golfing



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