Advisory Board Report 1/25

Things of interest from the Advisory Board:

The broken, left, iron fence on 15 was damaged due to a drunken driver that drove into it with no insurance.

It was reported that bathroom stall doors are getting hard to lock – unlock. DBCC will fix them.

It was mentioned that ice tea was being charged on 18 holer guest day to some people. Shouldn’t have been. If you were one that was charged, contact them & have it reversed.

DBCC is looking into having drink specials either daily or weekly, adding Happy Hour on Tuesday & Wednesday & selling pitchers of beer.

DBCC was thanked for updating the ladies upstairs bathroom. There are still plans for a new picture & new carpet.

A compliment was made to Ron & Bob, in the cart barn, for doing such a great job & for being so helpful to the ladies.

DBCC has started 2 new programs: 1. Personal Shopper Program 2. Personal carts maintenance Service

Every Thursday an E-mail will go out for merchandise specials.

Ideas being looked into for Socials are: Country Western (Country Rock band) night & Day On the Green Concerts or on patio concerts.

Clam problem is approaching us again. Try to avoid driving carts over them as much as possible as they do damage cart tires.

Ball hawkers are causing the club to change water in ball washers twice a day. Do not wash these balls in the ball washers.

The next meeting is slated for February 17 at 4:00. If you have anything to bring before the board, please E-mail me.



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