Upcoming DBWGC Meetings

DBWGC upcoming meetings:
– March 1 after golf (or at 1 PM if golf is rained out) – our first 2011 Board Meeting. Anyone interested is invited to attend.
– March 15 after golf – our first General Meeting – PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND. I’ll send out an agenda for that meeting prior.

These are in our Roster Calendars and listed on the website under Current Events – https://dbwgc.com/current-events/.

For the General Meeting, we have one carry-over item to vote on, namely a Bylaw change that was voted on in the September meeting but hadn’t been posted for 2 weeks prior to that meeting so needs to be re-voted on (see attached). The change is to include absentee ballots in items being voted on. The to-be-voted-on change is shown below in blue/underline:

“A quorum is required for any Bylaw changes (members in attendance plus absentee ballots). A majority affirmative vote of the membership present plus absentee ballots shall be necessary for passage.”

Note you can always find a copy of the latest Bylaws and Tournament Regulations on the website on the right side.


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