March 29, 2011 Guest Day Results

We had 40 players, including 11 guests. The weather was lovely, and we had a wonderful lunch served in the Main Dining Room. The game was Two Best Net Ball. There were only two members-only teams, so we played one flight. And the winners were:

First Place, Score 129, Winning 4 balls each

Sonja Welin

Marti Fowler

Bonnie Ladd

Cathy Fancey

Second Place, Score 130, Winning 3 balls each

Linda Beatty

Nancy Kramer

Annette Krey

Shelly Morgan

Third Place, Score 132, Winning 2 balls each

Nancy Lahait

Nina Hoffman

Sandy Smith

Anne Wangeman

Closest to the Pin (Hole #2)

Member: Liz Lord, 3’ 7-1/4”

Guest: Gayle De Loach, 24’ 11”


Frances Shipilov #8

Liz Lord #2, #14

Sandy Smith #17

Dana Wardstrom #2

Chip-ins: ($2.50 each)

Dana Wardstrom #16

Jeanne Zwemer #3

Sondi Schnee #16

Judi Bartoli #8

Bonnie Ladd #17

Cathy Fancey #9

Marti Fowler #16

Anne Wangeman #14

Congratulations to all, and thank you for playing.

Happy Golfing



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