General Meeting June 21, 2011

Meeting called to order by Jan McCleery, Captain of the DBWGC at 1:45 p.m. in the Fairway Grill area.
Motion to approve the Minutes from the last General Meeting, March15, 2011 was made by Cathy Fancey and seconded by Jenny Dillon.

Old Business: It is said by notice the board in the Pro Shop is the “Official” posting board. Upstairs in the locker room is a place for pictures and posting of business also. Email and web is also considered a way to submit and transmit business for the club.

By-law Change in September needed to be reposted as not enough time was given to posting. Article X
is now been amended to read with the blue print being added or in parenthesis “A quorum is required for any Bylaw changes (members in attendance plus absentee ballots).” A majority affirmative vote of the membership present “plus absentee ballots” shall be necessary for passage.

Question by Debbie Martin asked if the By-law change became in effect for nominee voting and for today’s votes. Jan explained that nominee voting was accepted by membership before September 2010 and was implemented for Board positions for the 2011 Board and for Tournament rules. The passage of the Bylaw will start after passage.

Motion to pass by Cathy Fancey and seconded by Cam Donald, 4 opposed, majority said aye. Motion passed.

WGANC Her’s and His Tournament is July 27 & 28 will be held at Discovery Bay and Brookside; split day play. [As a result of hosting a WGANC tournament here, DBWGC is exempt from hosting an Open Day for 2 years – this year and next.] As a result we will need support from men and women to work the tournament. We need men to greet and get bags from cars, check-ins and hole supervisors as well as 2 people standing by who are eligible to play if there are not enough people to supervise a twosome.

Hilary Frigillana explained that the score cards when the completed round was done went to the Rules table first then the score cards were delivered by volunteer to the scoring table.

Treasurers Report: Cathy Houston review the financial report and on the report was included the breakdown of the $75.00 annual dues.

Roster Committee: Cathy Fancey and Joanne Smith will be working on the rosters; Hilary Frigillana volunteered to join. Cam Donald feels the roster is perfect the way it was for 2011. Jan interjected that something more elaborate would need a budget allocation or next year a new budget vote. Explanation went on to include that most tournaments were self funding, guest day and Invitational included, but notwithstanding the budget is scaled back and thin.

Hilary Frigillana made a motion to vote on rosters to leave them they way they were produced for 2011. 6 voted to change and the majority voted to leave them as they were, but to include the most improved player, which was left out from the 2011 roster.

Judy Bartoli asked if 2 years ago we increased dues to $5.00 for the roster expense and the roster expense is only $2.46, where did the $2.54 go. Jan McCleery explained that in September 2009 it was voted in favor for the increase, March 2010 the increase came into effect, September 2010 voted on and passed by majority to scale back the roster due to printing and paper cost increases. Explained that even for $5.00 the spiral bound roster of old were going to cost more than $5.00 if done the same way. Jan McCleery stated regarding Judy Bartoli’s questions that the balance of the money was absorbed into the operating budget for trophies and sunshine.

Because of voting and the roster will stand as it did for 2011 a committee isn’t needed because the template is in place, but proof readers are needed so please volunteer.

Invitational: Beckie Carter reported on how things were shaping up. She passed around a signup sheet with shoe sized and it was necessary to either fill out shoe size or to check for the proper shoe size listed on the sheet. Gift certificated were doing well and many business locally were donating. Mary Watkins was contacted by Liberty High School Girls golf program and they would like to volunteer time to help at the Invitational. Pictures of Castlewood CC borrowed props of the Disney Castle were passed around. So far 26 ½ teams were signed up, an invitation will be sent out to the 9 hole Breakers to play.

Joanne Smith is collecting raffle prizes; preferably gift cards. Cam suggested gift cards from a national company for our guests so should they win, they could use the gift card.

Rally for the Cure: Cathy Fancey got together with Mark Tissot and Jon Miller and the official date for the Rally is October 18, 2011. The cost for the rally will be $43.00, the Club agrees to do the same as last year for food (breakfast, lunch & golf cart for $23.00) and $20.00 goes to the Rally. Sonja Welin will be head of the Food Committee, donations already are coming in, but lots yet to do, decorations, sponsors and signs, the 9 hole Breaker Club is donating $100.00. Also in need of male volunteers for horse race, men on the course marshalling when needed.

Cathy Fancey mad a motion to have the 18-hole DBWGC donate $100.00 sponsor money for the Rally, Sonja Welin seconded the motion, motion passed.

Tournament: Jill Chase reported on the outcome of the Handicap tournament and next year there may be an opportunity to improve the attendance with a change in format. To be discussed later.

New Business: Mary Watkins asked if we could donate money to Liberty High Girl’s Golf Team earlier since their season is going on now. Donna suggested bringing vote to the club to release funds earlier. Cathy Houston will make a donation now and later if there are enough funds. Cathy Fancey made a motion so if there was a $250.00 short fall of funds at the end of the year, awards would be limited. Cathy Surdez 2nd the motion. Motion passed.

Hillary spoke on the up-coming 25th Anniversary of DBWGC. 60% of the membership response and 100% of the ladies responded in favor of the celebration. Time and location was discussed; either after the golf play day and general meeting of Sept 13th or a separate evening Sept. 15th. A list of past members have been put together by Janet Brown and Sonja Welin. Mark Tissot gave a price to serve Champagne and servers, Hillary priced out cake and flowers, Mary Watkins and Janet Brown have offered to make a collage of photos at a cost of $225.00. Adding hors d’oeuvres will be an additional $10.00 per person. Hillary made a motion to go ahead with the 25th Anniversary celebration for September 15th, Cathy Fancey 2nd the motion, all ayes. A sign-up sheet will be posted; Becky Frazier has offered to design a special logo shirt for the occasion.

New Business: Raquel Myers, Bonnie Ladd and Sonja Welin thank everyone for their participation for Central Valley Team play, but next year they really need lower handicap players.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 2.55 p.m. All ayes, motion passed.


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