Ladies 18 Hole Results

Hello All,

Here are the results to today’s game. We played Stableford today as we had 27 ladies.

1st Flight;
1st place Shelly Morgan score 23 $8.00
2nd place tie; Jill Chase and Nancy Lencioni score 22 $5.00 each

2nd Flight;
1st place Deborah Veatch score 22 $8.00
2nd place Chris Myall score 20 $6.00
3rd place Sondi Schnee score 18 $4.00

3rd Flight;
1st place Cathy Surdez score 20 $8.00
2nd place Donna Johnson score 17 $6.00
3rd place Diane Enbom score 15 $4.00

Nancy Lencioni Hole #2
Hilary Frigillana Hole #17
Janet Brown Hole #17
Shelly Morgan Hole #11

Frances Shipilov Hole #8 $25.00!!

Closest to the Pin; $6.25 each
Handicap 0-26
Hole #2 Sondi Schnee 13′ 8.5″
Hole #7 Frances Shipilov 58′ 2″

Handicap 27-36
Hole #7 Anne Wangeman 48′ 9″
Hole #14 Sharon Shearer 39′

Nice round Shelly with a low gross score of 85! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for your participation.

Jill Chase


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