Guest Day 7/24 Results

Hello ladies,

Here is the results from our guest day yesterday.
We had 31 players and with 8 guest.
We had 9 threesomes/foursomes so I paid out First, Second and Third place.

Mary Watkins #8
Raquel Myers #2

NO Chip-Ins (so $15.50 will carry over for the next play date.)

#2 Members Only Raquel Myers 2′ 10 1/2″
#17 Guest Only Jan Green 10′ 11″

The game was Odds and Evens: One Net best ball from the Odd holes and Two Net best balls from the Even holes.

Third place with a score of 93 (tiebreaker on the back)
Cynthia Gerphiede
Lorna Lee
Jan Baehr

Second Place with a score of 88
Nancy Lencioni
Linda Barbara
Frances Shipilov

First place with a score of 83
Mary Watkins
Jackie Amthauer
Dana Wardstrom

Thanks again for bringing your guest and I hope you had a good time.
REMEMBER: Make your own tee-times for Tuesday if you would like a practice round.

Good Luck to you all..


Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

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