September Date Changes & By-Laws Update

From Frances:

1. In order to accommodate the WGANC’s area meeting date on September 11, we have moved our September Guest Day to the 3rd Tuesday, September 18th, and the General Meeting to the last Tuesday, September 25th. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS WITH THESE CHANGES. (These changes are included in the calendars posted to the right).

2. At today’s Board Meeting, one change/correction was made to the By-Laws update that is posted in the Pro Shop. See change below to Article IV, Section 1, b) other members. Change is in red, with strikethrough. The corrected copy of the update will be posted in the Pro Shop on the 18-holers’ bulletin board no later than 30 days prior to our General Meeting.


Section 1. The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers, plus the following chairs of the organization, as listed below. They shall meet at the call of the Captain.

a) Elected Officers

    1. Captain
    2. Co-Captain
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer

b) Other Board Members

    5. Handicap Chair
    6. Tournament Chair
    7. Immediate Past Captain serving as Parliamentarian
    8. Team Play Captains
    9. Ambassador

NOTE: The Executive Board consists of the above people.

Happy Golfing


Also note that the last General Meeting Minutes are attached (right panel).


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