Results from 1-29-2013

Hello ladies,

Thank you to the 22 players who came out to play yesterday. Our game was Three 6″s.

Here are the results:


Annette Krey # 14
Raquel Meyers #14
Nancy Kramer # 15
Jan McCleery #17

Chip-In’s – $5.25 each

Nonie Greenfield #6
Charlene Kleiner #3 & #15
Grace Berend #16

Closest to the Pin – $6.50 each
Low Handicap 0-27
Annette Krey #7 7’10”
Annette Krey #14 8’3″

High Handicap 28-36
Charlene Kleiner #14 33’1″

Winners for the game:

First Place Team – Score of 131
Raquel Meyers $8.00
Jan McCleery $8.00
Grace Berend $8.00

Second Place Team – Score 133
Marti Fowler $5.00
Nonie Greenfield $5.00
Donna Johnson $5.00
Nancy Kramer $5.00

Congratulations everyone! Thanks for playing and thank you Dana and Annette for all you help.

Hope to see everyone next Tuesday.



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