Results: 4-2-13 Play Date

Thank you to the 25 ladies who came out to play PPLN. There were some pretty good scores turned in and the scores winners were very close. Congratulations to you all.

Here are the results for the day.

Deborah Veatch # 7
Gay Wold # 8
Sandy Smith #17

Chip Ins:
Donna Reich #2
Barbara Mensch #18
Each received $12.50

Closest to the pin:
Handicap 0-26
#2 Jenny Dillon 11’3’”
#7 Sondi Schnee 13’5”
#14 Jeanne Zwemer 13’ 3 1/4”
#17 Peggie Schuitemaker 21’

Handicap 27-36
#2 Cindy Renshaw 9’6”
#7 Deborah Veatch 16’ 9 1/4 “
#14 Cam Donald 39’ 4 1/4”
#17 Sandy Mize 24’4”

Overall Low Net Winner……
Gay Wold – Net 68 received $8.50

Lowest Putts
Donna Reich with 30 putts received $8.50

Overall Low Gross winner
Gay Wold with and 87

Low Net Winners:
First Flight 0-26 Handicap
1st Place – Mary Watkins Net 69 received $6.50
2nd Place – Cathy Fancey Net 71 received $5.50
3rd Place – Sandy Smith Net 72 received $4.50

Second Flight 26-36
1st Place – Charlene Kleiner Net 69 received $6.50
2nd Place – Cindy Renshaw Net 71 received $5.50
3rd Place – Barbara Mensch Net 71 received $4.50

There was a slight adjustment to the sweeps winnings because I mistakenly included
a player who had cancelled.

Thank you all for participating and for your patience with me on my first solo PPLN tournament. Thank
you for all you help Cam and Grace.

Next week we are playing Beat the Pro.



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