Tuesday July 30th Guest Day Results and 4th Place added to Guest Flight

Hello Ladies,

Due to the cancellations and the first(threesome) and second(twosome) place team in the guest flight short players I have added a fourth place team each to receive a total of two balls.

Here are today’s results:
Guest Flight:
1st place- team score 54
Mary Waktins
Cheree Mendonsa
Lani Maloney

2nd place – team score 56
Diane Enbom
Patty Sisneros

3rd place – team score 56
Peggie Shuitemaker
Carol Olson
Kathy Ulibarri
Marilyn Butterfield

4th place – team score 57 (broke on back nine with a net of 29)
Marti Fowler
Sonja Welin
Marilyn Augello
Kit Schmitz
Please see me as I owe you an additional golf ball.

Member Flight:
1st place – team score 58
Jill Chase
Frances Shipilov
Brenda Reisinger
Jeanne Zwemer

Closest to Pin:
Member – Hole #2 Cindy Renshaw 11′
Member – Hole #17 Sondi Schnee 17′ 1″

Guest – Hole #7 Kathy Ulibarri 32′ 10″
Guest – Hole #14 Lani Maloney 13′ 1.5″

Chip-ins: $5.25 each
Kathy Ulibarri #11
Cindy Renshaw #16
Sonja Welin #17
Verna Clark #15
Mary Teschner #13

Mary Watkins #8
Cindy Renshaw #6
Sonja Welin #17
Marilyn Butterfield #2

Thank you all for your participation.

Jill Chase


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