Tuesday’s results

Hello ladies,

Sorry this is a little late. I was having a few computer issues and I wasn’t going to type this on my phone.

Tuesday we had 40 ladies play our Halloween Bingo game.

Debbie Martin #2
Dana Wardstrom #7
Frances Shipilov #8
Deborah Veatch #14
Cathy Fancey #17

Chip-In’s ($6.75 each)
Frances Shipilov #8
Nancy Lahait #12
Donna Johnson #5

Closest to the Pin

Hole #2 – Member Debbie Martin 3’1″
Hole #17 – Guest sorry no guest got on the green

Now for the game results: We had three flights
1st flight (0-24)
1st – Dana Wardstrom 4 Bingo’s
2nd – Judy Bartoli 3 Bingo’s
3rd – Frances Shipilov 2 Bingo’s
3rd – Debbie Martin 2 Bingo’s

2nd Flight (25-30)
1st/2nd – Deborah Veatch 3 Bingo’s
1st/2nd – Marti Fowler 3 Bingo’s
3rd/4th – Peggie Scuitemaker 2 Bingo’s
3rd/4th – Jan McCleary 2 Bingo’s

3rd Flight (31-36)
1st/2nd – Anne Wangeman 5 Bingo’s
1st/2nd – Doris Burnell 5 Bingo’s
3rd – Mary Teschner 2 Bingo’s
3rd – Grace Berend 2 Bingo’s
3rd – Kay Richmond 2 Bingo’s
3rd – Susan Leeper 2 Bingo’s
3rd – Debbie Ruiz 2 Bingo’s

Next Tuesday is PPLN day and remember we start at 9:00 and check in is 8:00-8:30

Please email Cathy Fancey to sign up.



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