results from Turkey Shoot

18 ladies decided to brave the rain on Tuesday. And we got by with just a few sprinkles. We awarded 6 players with a $20 gift card to Safeway who kept their flags the longest.

Susan Leeper – 120 yards out on 18
Cathy Fancey – 65 yards out on 18
Dana Wardstrom – 45 yards out on 18
Annette Krey – just short of green on 18
Jill Chase – on fringe on green on 18
Myra Buckman – on 18th green

Closest to the Pin
#2 Cathy Fancey and Myra Buckman
#7 Dana Wardstrom and Susan Leeper
#14 Dana Wardstrom
#17 Patty Uyeno

Chip ins
Cathy Fancey #5
Jill Chase #16
Chris Myall #7
Sandy Mize #1

Cathy Fancey #2
Dana Wardstrom #7
Sherri Lammrish #17

Thanks Annette


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