And The Winners Are . . .

Hi All –

We had 34 members sign up for our “Better Nine” day today. Eleven of our members played from the Brown Tees! The results were as follows:

Judy Bartoli Hole #2
Shelly Morgan Hole # 13
Becky Frazier Hole # 13

Chip-Ins: Paid $6 each
Myra Buckner #7
Nonie Greenfield #12
Sandy Mize #17
Dana Wardstrom #7
Cindy Renshaw #6

Closest TO The Pin: Paid $5 each
Low Handicaps:
#2 Mary Watkins 7’11”
#7 Frances Shipilov 7’1″
14 Becky Frazier 28’5″
17 Shelly Morgan 8’11”

High Handicaps:
#2 Kay Gschwend 28’7″
#17 Sondi Schnee 36’2″
No closest to the pin on holes #7 or #14

3 Flights Paid:
Brown Tees:
1st place Doris Bunnell scored 20!!! Paid $8.50
2nd place Cathy Houston scored 30 Paid $7.50
3rd place Patty Uyeno scored 30.5 Paid $6.00

0 – 25 Handicap:
1st place Jeanne Zwemer scored 24 Paid 8:50
2nd place a 4 way tie at 29: Mary Watkins, Judy Bartoli, Shelly Morgan & Frances Shipilov and Paid $3.37 each

26 – 36 Handicap:
1st place Chris Myall scored 27.5 Paid $8.50
2nd place Sandy Mize scored 28 Paid $7.50
3rd place April Guarascio scored 30 Paid $6.00

Thank you all for playing today. There were about 5 of us who were wusses and decided not to finish, due to the wind. I was one of them – the others need not be mentioned. Hope to see you all next week.


Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

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