Hole #12 Important Rules e mail

As all of our membership was not at the General meeting today I am sending this important Rules e mail to you all.


Thank you for your time today at the General meeting and as promised I am writing out the ruling for hole #12 along the pilings on the cart path, and the bridge.

Hole #12: The area of pilings along the cart path of hole #12 have always been played by our members under Rule 24-2, giving free relief from both the pilings and the cart path as immovable obstructions. These pilings have never been ruled to be in the hazard and because of that there are no red hazard marking lines along these pilings on the cart path. Thanks to Jon Miller this ruling has been confirmed by the NCGA and USGA.

To avoid any further misunderstanding of how this area should be played by all of our members red stakes have been added on the inside of the pilings (closest to the water) to define the lateral water hazard margin.

Ladies, please continue to use Rule 24-2 when your ball lands in the pilings and get free relief from them and the cart path.

What about the bridge on #12? No sadly this is not our bridge but it’s the best I could do!

BridgeAll bridges that span hazards, whether part of paths or not, are deemed to be integral parts of the hazard but as such, they are also deemed to be immovable obstructions. You may therefore, without penalty, ground your club if you decide to play from the bridge.

So a ball lying on our bridge on hole #12 may be played as it lies grounding your club, or you may proceed under Rule 26 -1, Water hazards, and take a one stroke penalty.

I hope this helps you,




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