Play day results 6-10-14

We had 23 ladies play today, and thank goodness, it was cooler than yesterday!!
The game was Tin Whistle which was basically par points.

The really big news is that Jeanne Zwemer had a hole in one on #7!!!
Congratulations Jeanne!!!

We had 3 flights today and the winners were as follows:

First flight
First place Jeanne Zwemer 36 points for $6.00
Second place Judy Bartoli 34 points for $5.00

Second flight
First place Cindy Renshaw 41 points for $6.00
Second place Nancy Lahait 31 points for $5.00
Third place Shelly Morgan 30 points for $4.50

Third flight
First place Sandy Mize 36 points for $6.00
Second place Doris Bunnell 34 points for $5.00
Third place Joanne Smith 33 points for $1.50
Raquel Myers 33 points for $1.50
Sondi Schnee 33 points for $1.50

Birdies were made by Judy Bartoli on #8 and #13, Jeanne Zwemer #7, Shelly Morgan #6,
and Cindy Renshaw on #15.

Chip ins were made by Shelly Morgan #12, Jeanne Zwemer #7, and Carol Grabar on #4 and #13, each chip in paid $5.00.

Closest to the hole paid $3.30 each and were made by the following players:
Hole #2 Handicap 0 to 25 Cathy Fancy 6’10” Handicap 26 t0 36 no one
Hole #7 Handicap 0 to 25 Jeanne Zwemer hole in 0ne Handicap 26 to 36 Sandy Mize 22’6″
Hole #14 Handicap 0 to 25 Shelly Morgan 20’7″ Handicap 26 to 36 Sandy Mize 20’1″
Hole 317 Handicap 2 to 25 no one Handicap 26 to 36 Joanne Leete 19’11”

Thank you for your patience, and hope to see you next Tuesday!


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