18 Holers Playday 7/1/2014

July 1 Play Day Results:

Game: PPLN

We had 26 ladies playing today on what turned out to be a perfect weather day for golf.

First Flight Low Net Results:

1st Place—Shelly Morgan-68-receiving $5.75 sweeps money

2nd Place—Mary Watkins-70-receiving $4.50 sweeps money

3rd Place—Jill Chase-72-receiving $3.00 sweeps money

Second Flight Low Net Results:

1st Place–Frances Shipilov-67-receiving $5.75 sweeps money

2nd Place—Fe Estera -72-receiving $4.50 sweeps money

3rd Place—Joanne Smith-74-receiving $3.00 sweeps money

Third Flight Low Net Results:

1st Place—Cam Donald-70-receiving $5.75 sweeps money

2nd Place—Sondi Schnee-72-receiving $4.50 sweeps money

3rd Place—Donna Johnson-76-receiving $3.00 sweeps money

Overall Low Net Winner was Chris Myall with a 66. She receives $6.00 in sweeps money

Lowest Putts Winner was Jenny Dillon with 28 putts. She receives $6.00 sweeps money

Overall Low Gross Winner was Shelly Morgan with an 89 gross.

Closest to the Pin:

Hole # 7—(0-27 handicap) 13’11 ½” Cindy Renshaw

(28-36 handicap) 22’ Joanne Smith

Hole # 14—(0-27 handicap) 13’9” Shelly Morgan


Janet Winslow #7

Chris Myall #8

Cathy Fancey #13

Jill Chase #17

Cindy Renshaw #7

Jan McCleery #14

Chip Ins:

Janet Winslow #7

Chris Myall #12

Diane Enbom #15

Barbara Mensch #18

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone for playing today.

Barbara Mensch


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