2/25/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

First let me apologize for sending out an email that you probably got 6 times. My computer kept telling me “Technical issue try again” so I kept sending it. Not realizing that it did go through.

Also, A HUGE THANK YOU to Annette, Jon, Lin and everyone else that pitched in and handled our first guest day. I didn’t expect to be so sick.

I hope everyone had a great time, We had 35 ladies play.

Here are the results
Annette Krey #11
Lin Lenson #8

Chip-In’s ($5.75 each)
Kris Borchers #18
Sondra Schnee #14
Mary Watkins #6

First Place
Chris Myall
Brenda Reisinger
Frances Shipilov
Sandy Mize

First Place
Sherry Boyd
Lin Lenson
Kris Borchers
Terry Sullivan

Second Place
Kathy Readler
Jeanne Zweamer
Diana Senter
Charlene Kleiner




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