March 24 Play Day Results

Hello ladies,

We had 48 ladies play today.

Sondi Schnee # 14
Cathy Fancey #2
Shelly Morgan #8
Lin Lenson # 15

Chip-in’s (worth $7.00 each)
Dana Wardstrom #16
Kay Richmond (guest) #6
Brenda Reisinger #8

Closet to the Pin (Member)
#2 Cathy Fancey 12″
#17 Becky Frazier 21’4″

Closet to the Pin (Guest)
#7 Kay Richmond 13’1″
#14 Tina Gray 42’3″

The game today was two best ball. We paid 4 flights.

Mary Watkins
Joanne Smith
Linda Mayer
Verna Clark

2nd Place (Corrected)
Rona Hullen
Barbara Mensch
Jeanne Zwemer
Shelly Morgan

3rd Place
Sondi Schnee
Kelly Vic
Marie Versa
Myra Buckman

4th Place
Brenda Reisinger
Chris Myall
Kris Rogers
Frances Shiplov



Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

One thought on “March 24 Play Day Results”

  1. The second place team was Rona Hullen, Jeanne Zwemer, Barbara Mensch, and Shelly Morgan. Thanks.

    Sent from Barbara’s iPad 🐶


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