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May Guest Day Results

We had 48 ladies play today. The game was Odd and Even. Here are the results:

First Place with a score of 86
Jill Chase
Cynthia Gerphiede
Cindy Renshaw
Cathy Fancey

Second Place with a score of 90
Janet Winslow
Julie Hanson
April Guarascio

First Place with a score of 91
Debbie Martin
Joanne Leete
Sandy Ramos
Rose Vieira

Second Place with a score of 94
Joanne Smith
Sue Martin
Linda Mayer
Cathy Pelligrini

Hole # 7 (guest) Sandy Ramos 3’2″
Hole # 17 (member) Jeanne Zwemer 4’8″

CHIP INS – $3.00 each
April Guarascio #3
Julie Hanson #10
Jill Chase #11
Debbie Martin #18, #14
Rose Vieira #18
Sandy Ramos #5
Suzanne Smith #17
Cathy Pellegrini #2
This has got to be a record!

Cindy Renshaw #2 & #6
Jill Chase #11
Cathy Fancey #17
Debbie Martin #14 & #8
Donna Ybarra #15
Jeanne Zwemer #17
Suzanne Smith #7

The club is closed next Tuesday. Our next play day is June 2nd. Please sign up on Fore Tees by Sunday, May 31st, by noon.



Spring Net Handicap Tournament Results

Hello Ladies,

Thanks again to all the ladies that came out and played in the Spring Handicap Tournament.

Here are the results:


Tuesday 5/5/15
Annette Krey #1, #6
Cathy Fancey #8
Jeanne Zweamer #7
Cindy Renshaw #1
Sondee Schnee #8
Kelly Vik #6
Susan Leeper #7

Thursday 5/7/15
Annette Krey #6, #14, #17
Jenny Dillion #17

Tuesday 5/12/15
Frances Shipilov #15
Dana Wardstrom #18

Tuesday 5/5/15
Jan McCleery #11 worth $18.00

Thursday 5/7/15
Jenny DIllion #17
Gay Wold #15
Worth $9.00 each

Tuesday 5/12/15
Susan Leeper #4
Shelly Morgan #7
Hilary Frigillana (sorry didn’t write down the hole number)
Dana Wardstrom #10
Worth $4.50 each

This one is for you Doris……..


On Thursday, Kris Rogers used her 3 wood for the 133 yards, white pin on hole #14 for her hole In one. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!




First Flight
1st Place – Lin Lenson with a score of 142
2nd Place – Mary Watkins with a score of 144
3rd Place – Jeanne Zweamer with a score of 144

Second Flight
1st Place – Sandy Smith with a score of 144
2nd Place – Cindy Renshaw with a score of 144
3rd Place – Bonnie Ladd with a score of 146

Third Flight
1st Place – Sally Sturney with a score of 143
2nd Place – Joanne Smith with a score of 145
3rd Place – Kris Rogers with a score of 145

No matter what flight you were in, I think the scores were close for all the ladies.

We had 36 ladies sign up and one had to pull out due to medical reasons. But only 5 ladies played two out of the three days and I believe it was for some unforeseen reasons. So THANK YOU for scheduling these three days to participate. It was wonderful to see all the ladies play in this tournament.


May Rules Quiz

Ladies, let’s do some True or False quiz questions.

  1. In taking relief from a cart path Maria drops her ball in the correct place but before it comes to rest it deflects off her shoe. Maria must re- drop the ball.

True or False?

True. There is no penalty if a ball is being dropped under a Rule and it hits the player or their equipment. The ball must be re-dropped, Rule 20-2a.

2. Miranda chips her ball up a slope to the green and the ball rolls back and is accidentally stopped by her foot. She moves her foot and the ball rolls further down the slope. She incurs a one stroke penalty and must play the ball at the spot where it came to rest against her foot

True or False?

True. Even though when Miranda moved her foot the ball rolled to a different position she must replace it where it originally came “to rest” against her foot. Decision 19-2/1.

3. Barbie putts her ball towards the hole and it hits the lip and bounces backwards. It is deflected by Barbie’s shoe and comes to rest six feet from the hole. She gets a one stroke penalty and may put the ball back where she was standing when the ball hit her.

True or False?


Barbie does get a one stroke penalty but she must play the ball where it now lies, 6 feet from the hole. Rule 19-2.

4. In a Discovery Bay CC tournament the format is “alternate shot”. One of the partners makes a stroke when it is not their turn. The player’s stroke is canceled and the side must correct the error by playing in the correct order as near as possible to where the last stroke was made. They incur a one stroke penalty.

True or False?

False. They replayed the shot correctly but they incur a TWO stroke penalty. If they do not correct their error before teeing off at the next hole they are disqualified. Rule 29-3.

5. Ball marks may only be fixed on the putting green if the player’s ball is on the green.

True or False?

False. A player may repair an old hole plug or damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball whether or not their ball lies on the putting green. Rule 16-1c.

6. Anna’s ball goes into the water on hole #4. She stands erect, with her arm straight out at waist height and she drops her ball in the correct place under Rule 26. She then plays her ball to the green. She adds a one stroke penalty to her score for the hole .

True or False?

False. Anna incurs a one stroke penalty for going into the water BUT also incurs an additional one stroke penalty for incorrectly dropping the ball and playing it. She adds two strokes to her score.

When dropping a ball the player must stand erect, hold the ball at arm’s length and SHOULDER height and drop it. If Anna had corrected her drop error before she played the ball she would not have incurred the additional one stroke penalty. Rule 20-2, 20-6. Be careful when dropping your ball, do it correctly.

I hope this helps you.

Special Guest Day Info – Sept 29th

Below are 2 flyers for the Special Guest Day Sept 29th. I included one flyer to send to a guest(s) or a group and one flyer is for you.

All guests must have a ghin number, if their handicap is higher than an index of 33.8 (USGA) or our course handicap of 36, they will play at a 36. When registering you will be asked for their ghin # so make sure you get it from your guest.

My ultimate goal is to have members mix it up with other women so you get a chance to meet other lady golfer. If your guests only want to play with you, that will be allowed, I will not say no to anyone, this is a “for fun event”!

Any questions you can give me a call or Barbara Mensch the Co-Coordinator.


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