6/2/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 31 ladies play today. but with that said, we had 35 ladies sign up. I had 3 ladies call me and had to cancel. I appreciated the calls! I had one lady text and ask if she could play, so I added her. WE HAD ONE NO SHOW. Sorry ladies that doesn’t work for me. You can call my cell anytime, text me anytime or call the proshop.
We are looking into charging you the $2.00 sweeps if you are a no show. All I am asking is for a little consideration.
OK enough of that….

Here are the results from today,

Lin Lenson #9
Jan Baehr #7 and #17
Charlene Kleiner #7 & #8 Yes, she had a 24′ 8″ putt on #7 for that birdie

Lin Lenson #12
Shelly Morgan #14
Sondi Schnee #17
Doris Bunnell #4
Donna Johnson #12
Jan Baehr #7 & #17 Yes she had two chip-in Birdies
Janet Winslow #10

0-27 Handicap
#2 Janet Winslow 4’3″
#7 Jeanne Zweamer 13′ 1/2″
#14 Annette Krey 9′ 4″
#17 Sherry Boyd 7′ 6 1/2″

28-36 Handicap
#2 Joanne Smith 9′ 8″
#7 Charlene Kleiner 24′ 8″
#14 Sonja Welin 17′ 6″
#17 Sue Gallo 24’10”

Today was PPLN (Putts, Points and Low Net Day)

We had three flights

First Flight 0-23 Handicap
1st Place Sandy Smith with a score of 70 and receives $6.25
2nd / 3rd Place Cindy Renshaw and Mary Watkins with a score of 73 and receives $4.75 each

Second Flight 24-29 Handicap
1st Place Sonja Welin with a score of 72 and receives $6.25
2nd Place Sherry Boyd with a score of 75 and receives $5.25
3rd Place Kathleen Reader with a score of 77 and receives $4.25

Third Flight 30-36 Handicap
1st Place Joanne Smith with a score of 71 and receives $6.25
2nd / 3rd Place Charlene Kleiner and Carolyn Barnes with a score of 74 and receives $4.75 each

OVERALL LOW NET WINNER (Again another tie)
Sondi Schnee and Susan Leeper with a score of 68 and each receives $3.75.

Lin Lenson with 27 Putts and receives $7.25

Lin Lenson with a Gross score of 78

Next Tuesday the game will be Criss-Cross
Choice of either 1 or 10, 2 or 11; etc. minus 1/2 your handicap. I am running next Tuesday’s play date.

Thanks again,

Dana Wardstrom


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