June 10 results

Hello Ladies,

We had 22 ladies today and the game was Criss-Cross.

We had one Birdie fro Cynde Gerpheide on hole #10 which was also a Chip-In.
Susan Leeper also had a Chip-In on hole #9. But Brenda Reisinger-Johnson had 2 Chip-In’s. One was on hole #2 which I understand was a Sandy Chip-In and then another one on hole #4.
Each chip-In was worth 5.50. Good job ladies!!

Closest to the Pin
We did two holes #2 and #17
#2 Sandy Smith 7′ 91/2″
#2 Charlene Kleiner 34′ 11″

#17 Dana Wardstrom 21′ 5″ and honorable mention Cathy Fancey 21′ 5 1/8″
No one from the higher handicap group. Each C-T-P was worth 7.00

We had two flights
Flight One (0-28)
First Place: Cynde Gerpheide with a score of 25 and receives $7.00
Second Place: Mary Watkins with a score of 28.5 and receives $6.00
Third Place: Sondi Schnee with a score of 31 and receives $5.00
Forth Place: Three way tie and split $4.00
Shelly Morgan
Hilary Frigillana
Jan Baehr
They had a score of 31.5

Flight Two (29-36)
First Place: Charlene Kleiner with a score of 27.5 and receives $7.00
Second Place: Donna Johnson with a score of 28 and receives $6.00
Third Place: Susan Leeper with a score o 29.5 and receives $5.00
Forth Place: Brenda Reisinger-Johnson with a score of 31.5 and receives $4.00

Great job ladies,

Next week we have a regular play date, the Open Day was cancelled. So please sign up on Foretees no later than noon on Sunday.

See you all next Tuesday.



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