9/22 Results

Hello Ladies,

Thank you to the 34 ladies that came out to play today. Our game was Sweet & Sour and here are the results.

But before I give you the results, I have to explain one thing, when I figured the pay out I was way out of whack!
I don’t know where I came up with the amounts but I WAS WRONG. So below is the correct amount you will receive.

Dana Wardstrom #10
Gay Wold #2
Annette Krey #5, #8 and #9
Cindy Renshaw #7

Chip-In’s (worth $5.75 each)
Annette Krey #13
Carolyn Barnes #11
Donna Johnson #14
Val Heck #15
Susan Leeper #10

Closest to the Pin (worth $4.75 each)

#2 Gay Wold 9′ 81/2″ and Sally Sturney 23′ 8″
#7 Sally Sturney 6′ 41/2″ and Joanne Leete 6′ 1″
#14 Annette Krey 18′ 7″
#17 Dana Wardstrom 17′ 2″ and Deborah Veatch 10′ 5″

First Flight

1st Place Dana Wardstrom with a score of 29 worth $7.25
2nd/3rd Place Annette Krey and Gay Wold with a score of 30 worth $5.75 each.
4th Place Mary Watkins with a score of 31 worth $4.25

Second Flight

1st Place Deborah Veatch with a score of 27.5 worth $7.25
2nd Place Bonnie Ladd with a score of 29 worth $6.25
3rd Place Joanne Leete with a score of 29.5 worth $5.25
4th Place Sonja Welin with a score of 30.5 worth $4.25

Third Flight

1st Place Donna Johnson with a score of 26.5 worth $7.25
2nd/3rd Place Carolyn Barnes and Doris Bunnell with a score of 29 worth 5.75 each
4th Place Sally Sturney with a score of 30.5 worth $4.25

Thank you all for playing today and sorry for the miscalculation.


September 29th – Special Guest Day

October 6th – Get Your Pink On Tournament

October 13th, 15th and 20th – DBWGC Club Championship

October 27th – Guest Day

If you have any questions, please email me.



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