Tuesday Results

Hello Ladies,

We had a beautiful day for our Turkey Shoot game and 25 ladies came out to play.

We had so many Birdies today.

Lin Lenson #11 and #15
Dana Wardstrom #6
Annette Krey #11
Mary Watkin #14
Sherry Boyd #17
Cindy Renshaw #1
Kris Rogers #17
Charlene Kleiner #14
Gay Wold #17
Cathy Surdez #2
Sonja Welin #14
Shelly Morgan #14

We had 4 Chip-In’s (6.00 each)
Lin Lenson #2
Dana Wardstrom #6
Bonnie Ladd #18
Charlene Kleiner #14

Closest to the Pin

#2 Gay Wold 15′ 6″ and Cathy Surdez 23 1/2″
#7 Shelly Morgan 26′ 5″ and Brenda Reisinger 19′ 9″
#14 Mary Watkins 7′ 6 1/2″
#17 Sherry Boyd 1′ 7″ and Kris Rogers 7′ 4″

Now for the Game we had Low Net winners in three different flights. They were also the winners of the Turkey Shoot!

Third Flight:
First Place – CHARLENE KLEINER with a Net 64
Second Place – SALLY STURNEY with a Net 72
Third Place – CAROLYN BARNES with a Net 74

Second Flight
FIrst Place – SONJA WELIN with a Net 77

First Flight
First Place – CINDY RENSHAW with a Net 70
Second Place – SHELLY MORGAN with a Net 72
Third Place – MARY WATKINS with a Net 73

Thank you ladies for all coming out and playing.

Next Tuesday is our last Guest Day and our last Play Day.



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