Diablo team play update

From Annette:

Thought I would give you all an update on how we are doing. We have had 3 matches since my last report.

We hosted on April 19 and played against Rossmoor again. Players were, myself, Lin, Dana, Jenny, Gay, Patty, Sandy and Shelly. We did pretty good on our home course. Lin and I played against an older lady who has been a very competitive golfer for a long time. She’s in her 70’s and has a 12 handicap. Her and Lin’s mom were very good friends back in the day. So it’s very fun to play with her. One thing that happened that I have never seen before is that our other opponent Grace got her ball stuck in the tree next to the green on #8. We could see it up there! Everyone loves our chicken mushroom crepes for lunch!

Next match was at Orinda on April 28. Players were, myself, Cathy H, Lin, Dana, Becky, Jenny, Gay and Patty. Orinda has had some changes and their course was in really nice shape. It is an interesting course and there’s a few spots where you have to cross over a busy road. I feel like a squirrel who runs out in front of your car and tries not to get hit. We played against Diablo. We did ok, few tough matches but Cathy was very happy to walk away with par on #18. It’s this very uphill par 5 with a crazy green! I decided to wear my lime green pants that day and ended up having to go into work after golf and didn’t have any other clothes. I took a little bit of ribbing. Lunch was awesome, it was a tostada bar with tons of good stuff to go on them and yummy desserts!

We played at Moraga on Wed May 11. A lot of people don’t especially love Moraga. It’s a lot of hilly lies and a few difficult blind shots and some pretty severe elevation changes. Players were myself, Lin, Dana, Cathy H, Becky, Gay, Patty and Jill. We played against Blackhawk and their team is very good. Their highest handicap is a 16 so it’s hard to compete. Our team did have some good scores and we did alright. Lin and I were very happy with ourselves for parring #8. It’s this short little par 4 that has a giant tree in front of the green and a big ditch and the green is super narrow. Lunch was fish taco’s and an ice cream sundae bar!

We currently are in 7th place. But we have played the #1 and #2 teams already so we got room to move up!

Our next match is not till June 21 at Crow Canyon

Thanks Annette


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